Friday, November 14, 2014

Stop and Smell the Roses (Literally)

Stop and smell the roses! That is such a funny little saying that I grew up hearing but am only now truly understanding the meaning behind it. I live in the Northeast so obviously I am constantly overwhelmed with the fast pace life that we all seem to indulge in regularly. I consistently have a place to be and a task to do, with very little down time, and in this fast pace lifestyle there have been moments that have passed by where I can honestly say that I've missed precious pieces of my life. I'm starting to realize how important it is to stop what I am doing, and smell the roses. The roses of our lives are those beautiful moments that decorate our days making them all the more magnificent. The idea of stopping to smell them, to me, indicates actually finding the enjoyment in what we are participating in and the blessings we've been handed. There are pieces of our lives that are not just there for decoration, but they were meant for us to enjoy through each and every one of our senses. It means that we are taking the time out to stop what it is we are fussing about with to appreciate the gifts we've been given daily. So stopping to smell the roses is exactly what I did this past week, literally.
My husband was given the privilege to have a day off this week in honor of Veterans day, so I myself decided to put down my work and super busy schedule and just enjoy the beautiful day God gave us. My husband is most definitely one of the "roses" of my life. He is my constant support and very best friend. My life would never be the same without him and for that reason, I need to stop and celebrate him more. He is not just a decoration in my life but someone that I get to share and enjoy this beautiful journey with. So we took our day off and spent quality time together in our most favorite spot, Longwood Gardens. If you live in the Northeast or are ever just visiting, please try to make it out to this magical place. It is by far the most charming park I have ever been to. Longwood is especially precious to us because it is where we had our first date and it's even where Josh proposed. If you are looking for a way to connect with your spouse and just enjoy spending some quality time with them, I would highly suggest finding "a place" that is all yours that you can constantly go back to and create incredible memories together. When Josh and I go to Longwood, we get to detox from the stresses of life and remember all the reasons we love to be around each other. It also helps to renew our relationship and reminds us to enjoy every precious season we find ourselves in. Here are some pics from our awesome day.

The Rose Garden

The Meadow

The Italian Water Garden

The Greenhouse 

I Love You

Always <3

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