Sunday, December 21, 2014

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

When holiday season comes around I absolutely love entertaining family in our home and I enjoy trying to put together fun, new centerpieces each year to spruce up my Christmas table. This year as I was wandering through Walmart, I found a few unique floral pieces that gave me a great idea to build upon for this year's design. So here is my step by step for this gorgeous and easy DIY Christmas Centerpiece. 

You want to start by collecting the following: 
*A glass pitcher 
*Wire Cutters
*Floral Arrangements 
*Holiday Potpourri

Like I mentioned earlier, the floral arrangements I found at Walmart for $3 each, but they also have some fun options at Michael's and AC Moore. The potpourri I purchased at Home Goods in their festive holiday season section. The glass pitcher was something I have had in my cabinet for a long time now so I'm not really sure where it is from but I'm pretty sure you can purchase one somewhat similar at Target.

Once all of your items are collected, you want to fill the glass pitcher with the potpourri. 

Next you want to use the wire cutters to cut off each individual stem of the flower arrangements so that you have the multiple pieces to place into your pitcher as you wish them to look.

Once you have all of the individual stems laid out, place them into your pitcher with the potpourri as your anchor for the flowers.

The finished product looks super festive and adorable as well as smells lovely sitting on the table. The whole arrangement takes only about 15 minutes to place together and makes the world of difference on our holiday table.

That's all for this DIY. I pray that God blesses your family with a safe and very happy Christmas during this holiday season!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Choose Health - Taking Small Steps

So, I don't know about any of you, but body image has always been a bit of a struggle for me. I feel like almost every woman out there understands what I'm talking about and can sympathize with me in some way or another. And I've never been one of those girls who can really not work hard and continue to be thin. Like I have to work hard at it every single day and sometimes that is just super exhausting. However, learning to not get so down on myself if I have a bad day eating or I go up a few pounds here and there is something I have been spending the past few years working really hard on. It's something that has to come from inside to understand that I can love myself and be who God created me to be, and not have to get so stressed about what others think all of the time. That was the first lesson I've really been focusing on in this season of learning to choose health. The second lesson has really been just that, actually choosing health over anything else. I may not be at the number on the scale that I was hoping for, but am I healthy in what I am eating? Am I getting a good amount of physical activity in? These are the more important questions and even if that coveted number never gets where I want it to be, am I focusing my love for myself from a place of health? These are the constant questions that I need to remind myself when I am struggling with my body image and they help me to focus on what the most important goal is...choosing health.

One of the best ways I have been able to do this is to incorporate a small bit of physical activity for my body each day. And that may look different every day and I may not have time to do some huge workout, but I can always do something. Even stretching can be just what I need to make my body feel stronger and healthier. So I place my yoga mat in a nice little area of my living and stretch my body out in the morning. Another great small step that I have been taking has been watching some amazing Youtubers who have fantastic channels showing exercises that are not time consuming and really give my muscles a great workout. I will link two of my favorites below. If you are struggling with a place to start that will get you moving, both of these ladies have helped me a lot and they are great for taking your first small step towards health. Definitely check them out.

Yoga with Adriene


That is about all for this blog post today. Please leave a comment if you are at all struggling with your journey to health. I definitely know that it can be hard, but I also know that working through things in community is also one of the very best resources you can have. So I am here to chat with anyone who needs a friend or an accountability partner. Talk to you soon!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Black Friday Madness ~ Vera Bradley, Bare Minerals, and More!

Hey Everyone! Yes it is that time of year once again where we all have the excuse to go a little shop crazy. And let me tell you, I love me some Christmas shopping. It's probably my absolute most favorite time of the year, not just for the shopping aspect, but also for the ability to give gifts to the people I love most and just see their faces light up. So I have the items here that I purchased on Black Friday, which I had such a blast out shopping that day, and I will also be posting some DIY holiday gift giving ideas in the next few days as well so keep your eyes peeled for that as well. 

So let's talk about Black "Friday." This was the first year that I actually went out on Thursday evening to go shopping and I normally do not do that because I truly believe that Thanksgiving is sacred and a time to be with family. But this year I happened to be with family down in Florida about 1 mile away from the outlet mall and just couldn't resist getting some of their deals. My sister, my husband and myself spent Thanksgiving cooking for our family and then decided to go out at 11:00 at night so as far as shopping goes it really didn't cut into family time since our parents were waaaay passed out by then. Getting to the outlet mall was crazy! There were seriously thousands of people there and I just couldn't believe the insanity, but I kind of feel like it lent to the fun of it all. So the first place we hit up was bareMinerals and let me tell you, the sales were out of control. I honestly wanted to buy the whole store (but I didn't). So the first thing I saw was my very very favorite facial cleanser. I've been using this stuff for a while and it always leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean without being overly dry. Really love this stuff! And it was 50% off plus their was a store wide Black Friday sale of an additional 25% off, so it was seriously a steal. The next thing I saw were these two gorgeous lippies in the colors Fearless and Bravado and they were also the 50% plus another 25% off deal. I've already worn both of them and I love love love them so much. Super hydrating and some great winter colors.

The next thing I found at bareMinerals was this gorgeous palette that came with the cute little gold bag here and I just thought it was super sleek and fun for the holiday season. The palette came with four gorgeous eye shadows, a blush, their primetime eye primer, waterproof eye liner,  and a lip gloss, which I will insert a picture of the opened palette underneath this pic. I've already tried every product in this and I'm in love with them all. They are a great blend of colors for the holidays and I am super happy with this purchase.

Open Palette <3

Then after we left bareMinerals we headed over to the Vera Bradley outlet, which literally had a line out of the store just to get in, but was so worth the wait. I purchased a new purse, an ID holder, and a clutch/cell phone holder in these three adorable patterns and only spent around $35 for the lot of them! I can't even begin to describe how great the deals were that night. I took a close up shot of the group of items I purchased instead of a more detailed one because these are going to be Christmas gifts and I didn't want the receiver to find too much on my blog before Christmas morning. 

Also at Vera Bradley that night, for every person that walked in the door, they gave a free little jewelry travel case holder to and because Josh came into the store with me I got two! I love these and already started storing my earrings in them.

At this point in the night it was past 1:00am and we were all super exhausted from cooking all day, so we went home for some sleep. That however, did not stop us from going back out the next morning/afternoon to pick up some more deals at Target. I love me some Target and their Black Friday deals are always my absolute fav. I don't have a ton of pictures from Target because again they are Christmas presents and I don't want people to stumble upon them before the 25th but I got a ton of stuff for my hubs and my mom and it ended up only costing me around $100. Which, for the amount of presents I bought, was a super good deal. They always have fantastic sales on DVD and TV series sets so I always grab a bunch of those. The very last thing I bought at Target was an adorable little onsie sleeper set for one of my best friends who just had a little baby boy the day before Thanksgiving and it was just so sweet I had to get it for him. 

This is the front and back of the sleeper set and seriously, how adorable?! I just couldn't resist getting them for him, especially since he it about to celebrate his very first Christmas and I'm super excited for the him and the whole family! 

So that about wraps up this blog. Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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