Sunday, December 21, 2014

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

When holiday season comes around I absolutely love entertaining family in our home and I enjoy trying to put together fun, new centerpieces each year to spruce up my Christmas table. This year as I was wandering through Walmart, I found a few unique floral pieces that gave me a great idea to build upon for this year's design. So here is my step by step for this gorgeous and easy DIY Christmas Centerpiece. 

You want to start by collecting the following: 
*A glass pitcher 
*Wire Cutters
*Floral Arrangements 
*Holiday Potpourri

Like I mentioned earlier, the floral arrangements I found at Walmart for $3 each, but they also have some fun options at Michael's and AC Moore. The potpourri I purchased at Home Goods in their festive holiday season section. The glass pitcher was something I have had in my cabinet for a long time now so I'm not really sure where it is from but I'm pretty sure you can purchase one somewhat similar at Target.

Once all of your items are collected, you want to fill the glass pitcher with the potpourri. 

Next you want to use the wire cutters to cut off each individual stem of the flower arrangements so that you have the multiple pieces to place into your pitcher as you wish them to look.

Once you have all of the individual stems laid out, place them into your pitcher with the potpourri as your anchor for the flowers.

The finished product looks super festive and adorable as well as smells lovely sitting on the table. The whole arrangement takes only about 15 minutes to place together and makes the world of difference on our holiday table.

That's all for this DIY. I pray that God blesses your family with a safe and very happy Christmas during this holiday season!

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