Saturday, January 3, 2015

Enjoy This Season ~ NYC

It has been becoming increasingly important to me to really recognize and celebrate the different seasons in my life. When I say season what I am meaning are the different phases of life, whether big or small, that we go through year to year. Now I know that the holiday season in particular can be very overwhelming and full, but while I am being consumed with shopping and Christmas preparation, I spent this holiday season making sure that I found time to enjoy the people, places, and moments that make my life beautiful. The month of December can be particularly full for my family. Within the month we have both of my grandparent's birthdays, my parents anniversary, my father-in-law's birthday, my sister's birthday, my birthday, and two of my cousin's birthdays. CRAY, right?! Trust me, I know! But it has always been wonderful being able to celebrate my birthday in the same month as the Lord and being able to do that with my sister as well. It's literally an entire month of celebration. This year, to enjoy the beautiful season of growing, we went up to New York City with my husband as well as my dad and stepmom, to enjoy a wonderful day in the city and celebrate our birthdays. Here is a little glimpse of our fantastic family outing.

St. Peter's Cathedral

The Tree at Rockefeller Center 

The Rockettes and their Christmas Spectacular

Goofing off in Top Shop

On our way to see Aladdin on Broadway

Being able to take time out of my busy life to recognize the season I am in and enjoy that time is so incredibly important. We will never be in this season of life ever again and I don't want to miss the excitement that comes along with being in this place at this time. I pray that you were able to take time to enjoy your holiday season and celebrate with the people you love so dearly in your lives. Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year. 2015 is going to be a beautiful one because the Best is Yet to Come!

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