Thursday, January 22, 2015

My 2015 Travel Wishlist

I am definitely a traveling enthusiast! It is by far one of my most favorite things to do. I love heading to new countries and learning the culture as well as meeting new people. It is where my heart is at. I started traveling at a very young age, always going on neat family vacations all over the US, and it became such a passion of mine. For as many countries as I have already been, there are always new places that I am excited to explore and this post is dedicated to those awesome spots that I would love to try to get to in 2015. I may not be able to get to them all, but this is definitely my Top 5 Wishlist for the year.

Uganda! This beautiful country has such a huge piece of my heart. It is the one country I have visited the most, the country I have lived in the longest (outside of the US), and a place I truly feel is my second home. The plans have already been organized for this gorgeous location and I will be headed there in a just a few short weeks! So stay tuned for some awesome posts about my travels and what I will be doing while I am there.

Italy! Pizza, romance, history, pizza....this has been a long time bucket list country for me. I've been to several European countries but never Italy and I've always wanted to check it out. Josh and I decided that this was going to be our 2015 vacation destination and have started the planning process. Nothing is set in stone yet but our hope is to check out this beautiful country over this summer, and head to both Rome and Venice.

Orlando! So it is true that Josh and I spent our honeymoon in Orlando, checking out Universal Studios and Disney World, but wouldn't you know just four short months after our visit, Universal opened Diagon Alley. Now as an avid Harry Potter fan I was beyond excited when I got to visit Hogsmeade on our honeymoon, but was super disappointed to miss out on Diagon Alley. So my hope is that we will be able to get back there sometime this year.  

Annapolis! This gorgeous location is in Maryland and just a few hours drive from where Josh and I live. My best friend and her husband went for their wedding anniversary and said that this adorable little fishing town was full of charm and history. Two of my most favorite things! This would be an adorable B&B get away weekend for my incredible husband and I to partake in, enjoy delicious food, and possibly do some fantastic antiquing. 

Houston! I have no idea why but I have always been infatuated with visiting Texas. Probably because I love the heat so much. I've been drawn to Houston in particular because it is such a short ride to the Gulf of Mexico. My parents live in Florida on the other side of the Gulf and it is truly one of my favorite places. The water is beautiful and the city looks like an amazing place to explore.

I don't know if I will be able to get to all of these places in 2015, but they are definitely a dream of mine and I think dreaming is a crucial part of our lives. What places would you like to travel to in 2015?

Photo Creds: Since I haven't been to half the places on my list, I didn't have photos just lying around of them. So here are the sources of where I found some of these gorgeous pictures. Uganda (these are actually mine); ItalyOrlandoAnnapolisHouston. One of the Orlando photos is mine (clearly since Josh and I are in the picture lol). 



  1. We are always wanting to go back to Annapolis. It truly was an adorable place to explore. We too have a love for history and charm in a city. It does keep us from re-visiting know there is another city we have never been to out there... waiting for us.

  2. I would love to see Italy too, but some of my most desired travel locations include Hawaii, Norther California and more of Western Europe besides Italy. With Mark being from Scotland, whenever I crossed the pond it was to go there, but would love to expand past Scotland and into Ireland, England, France, Spain...the list could go on!

    1. I absolutely would love to go to so many of the European countries. Ireland is so incredibly gorgeous and I know you would love it there! I also really wanna head out to Cali too! That would be like the #6 on my list lol


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