Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NBC Studios Tour // A Season for Friendship

One of my close friends, Jocilyn, has been dreaming about working for NBC for as long as I can remember. It's pretty much all she's ever talked about doing. With alot of hard work and dedication, she is doing exactly that now and she works in the Rockefeller building of all places. Super cool and I am so very proud of her! She has been inviting me to come up and visit her in New York for quite a while now, so we finally set a date and my girlfriend Tara and I jumped on a train and headed to NYC. I'm seriously so incredibly happy we had a chance to make it up there. It is so important to set aside time that you can use to cultivate and develop deeper friendships. Relationships are a lot of work but are completely worth it. You need to nurture relationships and put time and energy into them so they can grow to be that much stronger. I want to be the kind of friend who will set time aside to invest into the lives of the people around me that I care about. And in doing that, I get to go on some crazy adventures with my friends and create wonderful memories. So this is my NBC studios tour (well the pictures of it) that I got to experience with some amazing friends!

Tara and I on the train to NYC!

This is the incredibly gorgeous view from Jocilyn's NYC apartment. Looking to the right you can see the Hudson River and looking to the left you are able to see the bright lights of Broadway. It was seriously beautiful!

This is the amazing wall of Brian Williams's travels around the world. Each photo had its own story of the incredible places he has been and people he has interviewed. These lead right up to the door of the Nightly News Studio.

Nightly News Camera. It's my filming debut! lol

Tara and I as newscasters 

So THIS is where Jocilyn works. Crazy right!? She's part of the MSNBC team and gets to work on multiple newscasts. This is one of the behind the scenes rooms that produces the shows we watch on MSNBC and she is apart of all of that. 

Jocilyn at work on one of the huge switcher boards

Yes! We got to see this incredibly awesome and iconic studio. So cool!

The Roots Dressing Room

The Tonight Show Studio

You know that iconic ice skating rink? The one that Buddy the Elf gets his first kiss on? Yep that's the one lol. This is the view of the gorgeous rink from the NBC lunch room. Who wants to have lunch here??? Yes please!

Another lunch room view of the gorgeous St. Patrick's Cathedral!

This is the final pic, and yes that is me sitting on the SNL stage! Sorry it's kind of blurry but my camera was having issues all day. This was obviously one of my favorite spots of the tour since so many amazing actors and musicians have stood on this very stage. I was loving it.

Making time for friends is one of the healthiest things you can for yourself. Two are always greater than one. Friends lift you up and bring strength to your life as well as alot of laughs. There are going to be seasons in your life when your responsibilities are piled sky high, so it is super important to take full advantage of precious moments of fun and excitement when you can with friends you love. What are some beautiful ways you have been enjoying life with your friends lately?

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