Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, Improved You ~ Steps, Not Resolutions

So it is officially 2015 and I just can not believe how fast the last year has gone by. 2014 was an amazing year with my wedding, getting settled into our new home, creating new opportunities for community outreach at my church, developing new friendships, and moving into this new season of life that truly has endless possibilities. As much as I loved 2014 and really had a blast throughout the year, it was also a year that was extremely busy, a bit stressful, and not always the most organized. At the beginning of a new year everyone is constantly asking what your resolutions are. This is honestly such a stressful question for me because I personally find resolutions to be jam packed with heavy responsibility and pressure. I find it to be so much more productive to create small steps toward your yearly goals then to develop overbearing resolutions that will just be abandoned in a few short weeks.

The first thing that I decided to do was create a few small goals that I would like to see myself accomplish in the year 2015 and then I listed out the steps that would help me to realistically reach these goals. I also think it is super important to not get down on myself if every goal is not fully achieved in the timing I have set for them. These goals should be a positive impact on my life, not a stressful strain on it. Some of the goals I have set for 2015 include: Focusing time always on my marriage, Living a healthier lifestyle, Developing a budget, Staying more organized, Deepening my relationship with God, Traveling, and Producing quality content on my Blog. There are definitely a few more, but these are my top top priorities heading into this new year.

So here is my list of the Top 10 Steps I plan on taking to assist my goals:

1. Setting aside quality time, on the calendar, for dates just with my hubs. This is so important, I believe, in a marriage because my husband should always be my first priority in life, second only to God. Dates are crucial!

2. Accounting for the food I eat. This is honestly such a pain to me, but I always eat my very best when I am documenting it. To help me better organize myself I have been using the "MyFitnessPal" App which I looooove! Sign up for it here

3. Scheduling time to be physically active as well as doing activities I really enjoy. Going to the gym has never been my strong suit, however I love to dance and have done it forever. So setting aside an hour or two a week to hit up a few Zumba classes is just the thing I need to keep me active and loving it.

4. Keeping an up to date planner. I know that most people like to put all of their info into their phones to stay organized but it seems to stay in my brain better when I physically write everything down in a planner. The one I have this year I received as a gift from one of my best friends for Christmas and I believe she purchased it at Home Goods.

5. Sit down with Josh and organize our incoming money and outgoing expenses. This is as simple as sitting down and doing it. Budgeting is so super important and will help us to attain our personal family goals as we grow together.

6. Organizing my 2015 trips! I have so many exciting places planned to head to this year and getting them fully organized and budgeted will help them run so much smoother.

7. Scheduling dates to write out and post my Blog posts. I really want to be on a schedule so my blog has consistency and can continue to grow. So my new plan is to post every Monday and Thursday as I start out this year and see if I am able to build more days after a few months.

8. Organizing all of my Blog ideas. This helps me even more if in my planner, I write down my ideas on the scheduled days so that the quality of my content can continue to grow as well.

9. Read my Bible more. I know that this is a very vague step but it is so incredibly important. I don't want to stress myself with exact conditions on this however it is again something I want to grow with and continue to build in my life.

10. Continuously run after God's will for my life. I left this for last because it is by far the most important to me. There are many things that I can try to do to make myself happy but it is only when I am running after God's will for my life that my soul will be deeply satisfied and I will accomplish true joy in my life. So waking up every morning and simply saying, "Ok God, what do you have for me today?" is going to be how I begin each and every day in 2015.

I know these steps were extremely tailored to my life in this moment but I hope they were somewhat helpful to you in the season that you are in right now. I would strongly encourage you to write down your goals for 2015 and create a list of the top ten things you plan to do to help see these goals come to fruition. Happy New Year!

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