Monday, January 12, 2015

Snow Day Blues // Combating Against Wintry Lows

It is that time of year once again where the cold has just completely taken over everything in my little area of the world. I know that for many places it is still quite warm during January but for the Northeast in the US, it is freezing, literally. In the past week it has been several degrees below freezing every single day. Now for me, this type of weather always makes me not only sad, but a bit more secluded with each day. I never want to go outside or do anything active (which is extremely different then my normal part of the year, I'm always running about doing something) and I could never really understand why until I took a psychology course in College that discussed the affects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, more commonly referred to as Seasonal Depression. I mean, it is literally code word SAD. Several symptoms that are equated to this disorder look like, having low energy, losing interest in the activities that you normally really love, changes in your appetite or weight, tiredness, and feeling agitated or moody, to name just a few. As I was reading about these in my class it completely hit me that this is exactly what I struggle with every winter and why I basically want to hibernate throughout this morbid season and rejoin the world in the spring. However, winter is a season that God created for a purpose and since He has made everything good in its season, I know that great things are meant to come out of winter. (Better things in summer, but great things in winter as well.) So I have spent the past few years developing fun remedies to combat this miserable feeling that tries to take over every January.

1. I love to snuggle up with a favorite flavored coffee. Nothing makes me happier than coffee and being able to enjoy a piping hot, fancy flavor puts a little more excitement into my morning. I love to experiment with new flavors and have fun little sample packets of different mixes.

2. I really enjoy lighting a candle, or ten. Nothing says cozy to me like a warm scented, fresh baked pastry like item sort of candle and I love to have these lit all over my home. They make my house smell fantastic while also helping me to forget the cold outside.

3. Take a warm bath with one of my favorite bath bombs from Lush, or just a really good tub salt. I truly love feeling all warm and cozy in a nice hot bath and it also gives me a little pamper time as well. I can read a good book, or watch a fun show on netflix and just truly relax.

4. I always plan exercise dates with friends. The very last thing I want to do in the winter is go outside, even if it is just to walk to the car, and I certainly am not in the mood to exercise. However, making dates with friends or my hubby forces me to trek outside for that human interaction I can't get home alone. I also try to make sure I am doing an exercise I enjoy. Like I've mentioned in a former post, Zumba always gets me up and excited.

5. Putting on a nice bit of makeup, even if it is only to go to the grocery store. I know it may seem silly, but for me I work from home and can sometimes go days without fancying up my face. So taking the time out to do a full face of makeup can sometimes give me the energy to want to go out into the world and show it off. It's just that little push that gets me more excited about my day.

I hope that these were a bit helpful for you. I know that I am not the only person who suffers with this wintry low feeling. If you tend to get the blues during the winter I really would suggest going out of your way to do a little extra for yourself, pamper yourself, and take some steps to create some life frills that you really enjoy that will assist in livening up days. I hope that you are doing your best to enjoy your winter season!

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