Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ulta Beauty Haul

I am consistently amazed at the beautiful blessings that are apart of my daily life. My family is such a beautiful and incredible blessing and I do not know where I would be without them. Over the holiday season my family was beyond generous in all that they did and I pray that their generosity is a legacy that I can bring to my future children one day.

Like many years before, my family, or Santa lol, blessed me with a gift card to one of my favorite places ever, Ulta. I was able to use this card to get some goodies that have been on my list for quite a while. I'm super excited to play with and use all of these different products. Here is what I picked up:

First was my Lorac Prop Palette. I have been dying to try this for such a long time now but never wanted to spend the bit of extra money that it cost ($42). But seriously, how gorgeous is this palette?! I'm in love with every single color and can't wait to see all of the different combinations I will be able to create with them when I start to play. The texture of these are super creamy and pigmented and I know they will all look beautiful. The palette also came with a free eye primer and I really do love this product. I've used it before and it is not cakey or heavy. It keeps my eye shadow looking fabulous on my eyes all day long.

I grabbed this highlighter as a recommendation from the sales woman there. I was looking for a good concealer that also has a highlight to it and the L'oreal Magic Lumi seems like it will do the trick perfectly. I picked this up in the shade #860 Fair. This product was decently prices, a teeny bit high for a drug store type of product, but only in the $13 range.

The brush I picked up was for the It brush collection that Ulta began selling a few months ago. Their brushes always look super plush and soft whenever I walk by so I wanted to give them a good try. They are average in their price range, not to eccentric for brushes. This is the Blending Crease Brush in #105 and it was in the $14 range.

Next I moved on to some fantastic lip products! I love me some good lippies. I'm not sure if I have mentioned that before but it is still just as true. The three different products I picked up range in consistency and color but all look amazing on. The first of the three that I picked up was this beautiful Lip Glaze from Stila in the color Sugar Plum. I love the Stila brand lip glosses because they are so incredibly smooth and silky on the lip. A little sticky yes, but not as bad as some other products I've used before. This was the cheapest of the bunch in the $8 range, however the pricing tends to vary.

The mid-range, price wise, lip product of the three that I picked up was the Lorac Pro Matte Lip Color in Mauve. This product is the slightly darker than the natural lip color and is very matte in its consistency without being super dry. This Lip Color was in the $16 price range.

The more high end priced product that I fell in love with was my Lipstick Queen Lip Color in Saint Pinky Nude. This seriously is one of my most favorite colors that I have purchased recently. It is a, my lip color but better with a perfect bit of moisture to top it off. This particular lipstick sits right at the $22 range, however their other colors can reach all the way up to the $50-$60 range. The product is pricey but gorgeous.

I rounded off my trip with some new products from Toni & Guy as well as Dry Shampoo from the Psssst! brand. The Toni & Guy Flexible Hold Hairspray has such a deep musky smell which I love. I've never been into the more floral smells so this product is perfect for me. It gives you just the right hold without being sticky or firm. The other Toni & Guy product I purchased is the Sea Salt Texturising Spray. This gives the perfect amount of grit that I need in my hair to hold a great beach wave. Love each of these products and they are both in the $14 range. I purchased both of the Toni & Guy products on sale and was unable to find links to Ulta on their website but found them at Target.

And the last product I grabbed was the Psssst! Dry Shampoo. Love this stuff. Can't get enough of it. I have repurchased it multiple times and will continue to do so. It pulls the grease from my hair without leaving a ton of residue from the product. It also smells great and lasts for quite a while. This priced out right in the $5 range but I'm pretty sure I got it on sale. Ulta always has fantastic sales so I am constantly looking at their shelves for a good deal.

That's about it for my Ulta Haul. Hope you enjoyed and got some great ideas for items to purchase!


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  1. Psst brand is great and I also love Lorac! Great purchases!


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