Monday, January 19, 2015

Upcycle and Repurpose // Candle Jars

If you are anything like me, then you have a ton of leftover candle jars lying around your home. I tend to have a candle burning in nearly every room of our house on a regular basis. It gives our home that cozy, warm and snuggly feeling that I so much enjoy throughout our space. That does however leave me with a ton of leftover jars once the candles have burned out. So here are a few of my fun upcycling ideas for these jars so that you don't have to just throw them out and waste these treasures once they are done burning. Let your candle jar live on!

The first thing you want to do is place all of your old candle jars in the freezer. It really helps to leave them in there over night so that all of the leftover wax is fully frozen. Once the wax is frozen it becomes super easy to get the excess out of the jars.

Using a knife, break apart the excess wax and toss the remaining bits.

Once you have removed all of the wax, clean the jars so there is no remaining residue. Now I'm not gonna lie, cleaning these out was quite a process because of the glue left behind on the bottom of the jar from the wicks. I found that using a Brillo Pad was the simplest way to get all of the glue out while leaving no sticky residue behind.

So besides your empty candles, here are the other items I used to decorate and repurposed the jars. I picked most of these items up at Target in the crafting isles. Here are the necessary items:

The ribbon was actually a left over product that I saved from a purchase a while back. It came as the tied accessory to an item I bought and I knew that if I held on to it, it would come in handy one day. But you can purchase similar ribbon at your local craft store such as this one from Michaels

Start by labeling any and all of the tags to describe what will be in each jar. This I sketched out with a pencil first and then wrote over it with the silver pen so that the font looked exactly how I wanted it to. I also went on to Pinterest and looked up some fun font styles to imitate while I was writing.

Then using the scotch adhesive, I glued the twine around the top of the first candle jar as well as the tag to the front of it. I did this also to the second jar and I found it easiest to start gluing at the very top of the jar and steadily work downward about five layers of twine.

I finished the jar off by placing washi tape on the corners of the tag for an added boost of cuteness. Super simple!

For the last jar, I tied the ribbon around the front and glued the top and bottom ribbon seams to the jar. I really love using bendable ribbon with the wire in the top and bottom seams as it is easier to make a bow poof out more.

I finished this jar off by gluing its label and using the cute washi tape from the other jars so it could all match cohesively. 

I truly love all three of these adorable upcycled jars. I already started putting my makeup products in them and find them to be a fantastic and cute way to organize all of my different items. Let me know if you try any of these ideas and how it came out for you!


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