Friday, February 13, 2015

Extended Stay // What's in my Suitcase?

Packing long term can get quite overwhelming pretty quickly. The first time I ever tried it I had lists upon lists of everything I could possibly need. I didn't want to forget or miss anything. By now I have a pretty basic system of all the things I enjoy to use without it getting out of control. I pack my favorite items and the rest I pick up when I get to the place I am headed. 

To start I have all of my basic soaps and cleansing products. This includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face cleanser. Garnier Fructis is my favorite for shampoo and conditioner in the Pure Clean style. This really gets all of the product and yuck out of my hair for the day. Caress does a great job with this Burnt Brown Sugar and Karite Butter and it smells absolutely delicious. I just stumbled upon this Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo while I was shopping for my trip and I really enjoy the smell so I'm hoping this will be a great buy. Neutrogena's Deep Clean Scrub is one of my absolute favorites and also a must have in my travel kit. Round that all off with some great face wipes from the Simple Brand and I am ready to go!

The next thing I pack up are all of my hair products. Now I know they may seem a little excessive, but for me, I tend to air dry my hair in curls or loose waves while I'm in a hotter climate. So these products always seem to tame the mane. John Frieda has some of the best curl mousse in my opinion and I love using this to hold some of my natural waves and curls. I've talked about the Toni & Guy and Psssst products here before and I am really loving using these alot. They all definitely help leave my hair defined without being sticky or crunchy. For a bit of a stronger hold I use the Tresemme Extra Firm Hold hairspray and everything stays perfectly in place all day. I absolutely adore the newer fragrance Wild Madagascar Vanilla. I wear it constantly and it smells divine, so these two items from Bath and Body Works round up this collection of products. 

Important electronic devices! These are my necessary items for daily function over in Uganda. They cost me a bit of money the first time I ever went so I held on to everything, knowing that they would come in handy when I returned. The first item is my internet stick from Orange. I purchased in Uganda and simply need to add more data to it every time I return so that I am able to use it. The second item is my Ugandan cell phone. For me, keeping in touch with my friends in the country while I am there is so much cheaper with a local phone. This has definitely been a great investment over the years. Finally I have my Apple World Travel Adaptors. This box contains an adaptor for every country so that you can use your apple products where ever you go without issues. I highly recommend purchasing one of these if you are a frequent traveler. 

Since cable is not the easiest thing to come by while I'm away, I always tend to devour tons of books. Here are a few of the awesome reads I'm bringing with me on this trip. 

I am so incredibly excited for this journey to begin and to have the ability to share it with you all. Talk to you in Uganda!! Love ya'll!
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