Friday, February 27, 2015

February Loves 2015

Let's All Be Brave // This book is an obvious choice for February favs as it has already been in two of my other posts here and here. Josh could not have given this to me at a more perfect time seeing as I am living halfway around the world (and without him). I truly hope Annie thinks that is brave as I truly do miss my husband every day. But God surely does call us to be brave in some crazy ways and following Him is never disappointing.

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara // I honestly thought that this was a bit of a gimmicky product when I first started to use it. The brush can actually flex back and forth and I wasn't a very big fan of it the first time I tried it. However, I've been using it all month and I am really loving the way it makes my lashes look. They are long and voluminous and even more importantly, in the hot Ugandan sun, it does not smudge under my eyes at all. Loving it!

Your Love Is Better // by Will Reagan and United Pursuit. This song is beautiful. Like breathtakingly beautiful. It is about the fact that we can choose to live comfortably in our tiny little worlds or we can decide to step out into the unknown and actually fall deeper into a relationship with God. Because it is when we are in the uncomfortable that we cling to God more and just knowing that loving him is better than anything else out there. It's amazing. You gotta check it out!

Watoto Church  // They have the most beautiful worship I have ever been apart of and I am loving it every time I get to be in a service. The spirit is so incredibly present in the uplifting of voices to God and I honestly just get lost in my worship. It is an unforgettable and life changing experience.

My Gorgeous Husband // Being that February is the month of our anniversary, I felt it only necessary that I include him in my February Favorites. He of course is my favorite every day, but having a day to celebrate when we dedicated our lives to each other is priceless. I am in love with his amazing spirit and beautiful heart. I already talked all about our first year of marriage here and the amazing lessons I have learned so don't forget to check that out.

That Adorable Baby Face // I have completely fallen in love with the gorgeous children at Baby Watoto and I am thrilled to be here with them for a third time. Check out their site to find out exactly what they are all about, the vision Watoto has for the children of Uganda, and all of their amazing endeavors because I can hardly do them justice. But yeah, this face in particular is one of my favorites!

Hugs & Punches Blog // This beautifully written Blog is done by the gorgeous Teresa and I absolutely adore following her incredible family adventures. From her 6 children, to her brand new move, to her fantastic inspiration, I would absolutely suggest checking her out. You will not be disappointed that you did.

Skype // So for any of you who have lived abroad, you know how absolutely massive your phone bill can get talking to your loved ones. Thankfully we live in the age of incredible technology and skype has been such an asset to my convos with my hubby. Not only can we talk, but we can see each other too. I love it! And it's free to join. Awesome sauce! However, for a very small monthly fee, you can also purchase unlimited phone calls to people's cells and it costs them nothing. If you are traveling for long trips, skype is the way to keep in touch!

Drop Dead Diva // Yes I do understand that this went off the air last year but here at our apartment in Uganda we don't have cable so we watch alot of dvds and tv shows on dvd. Drop Dead Diva is constantly playing on my laptop during my free time and I'm loving this show so much. Almost every season is on Netflix so if you haven't seen it yet, watch it. It's hilarious!

February was an incredible month that has seriously gone by so fast I can't even believe it. I hope that you loved your February, where ever you are. Let me know in the comments what things were your favorites this past month!

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