Wednesday, February 4, 2015

First Trip of 2015 // Heading to Uganda!

Hello Lovelies! Some super great and exciting news, I will heading to Uganda in just a few short days and I couldn't be more thrilled. The country itself is so incredibly beautiful, the people are the sweetest, and the weather, oh the glorious weather, is absolutely perfect year round. I've struggled with seasonal, winter depression for a large portion of my life so heading to a warmer climate in the winter always helps me to stay active and excited about what I am doing in that season. For more ideas on how to combat seasonal depression you can click here.

I've done a decent amount of traveling over the past several years and it has truly become a deep seeded passion of mine. Uganda has been one of my favorite destinations and the place I have visited the most throughout that time. I've made some amazing friends and grown so much as a person while being there. This trip, like those I've taken before, I will be spending my days with the Watoto church, at the Watoto Babies Home. I absolutely love working with them and I'm extremely passionate about their vision, which is Rescue, Raise, Rebuild. Their organization is not just about finding children a home, but providing that home for them along with all of their growing needs so that one day they can be the future leaders of Uganda. I think that this is a beautiful vision that will enhance a country to be an even stronger nation in the future.

So what do I do there? I cuddle the babies of course lol. I actually do whatever babies home needs me  to do to help out. Whether it's laundry, washing bottles, or putting away toys, I am there to serve them faithfully. I do get to snuggle and play with the babies alot as well and I always wonder what God has for that particular child in their lifetime. Am I holding the next great doctor, clothes designer, or possibly even the future president? The possibilities are endless because Watoto has created a life for these children that has endless possibilities. I'm so in love with all that they do and am thrilled to spend time with them, serving their house.

While I am away I will be updating ya'll with all of my crazy adventures, photos, and thoughts and if you want to hear about the other places I'm hoping to travel to in 2015 then click here to read about my 2015 Travel Wishlist. Also, stay tuned for next week where I will be doing a series on exactly what to pack for a long haul plane ride as well as lengthy visit. Love ya'll!

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