Thursday, February 26, 2015

Happy Cuddles & Gorgeous Smiles // A day in Uganda

These are my peeps! We hang out just about every day and get to know each other. These cutie pies have a long day of structured schedule including, eating, sleeping, laughing, repeat. They are honestly some of the sweetest little tiny humans I have ever met. I would love to bring you along on a day with us so you can see just how much fun we have regularly!

We start the day off with a nice warm bottle and after that we get our bath, washing off all of the previous night's sleepies. It's good to be all clean and fresh for the day.

Next we head into the center of the building to meet up with our friends from other rooms. Altogether we get out instruments and sing songs about Jesus. (However sometimes we eat our instruments instead of play them.)

By this time we are a bit sleepy, and we settle in for our morning nap!

When we wake up from our nap, we hang out with our friends again, drinking more milk and enjoying more giggles. With the occasional photo bomber in the background.

Sometimes we get a run away from the other side of the room who comes to join us.

But we welcome her as apart of our group anyway!

Sometimes we have our mid day reflections and contemplate the many wonders of the universe, like why does that darn itsy bitsy spider keep climbing the spout if she's only going to get washed out again?

More often then not, we just need a good cuddle to know that everything will be alright. 

Cereal Time! We just love our yummy cereal and mango.

After we finish our cereal we head off to school where our amazing teacher sings us so many fun songs and shows us how to use our muscles.

Of course there is always time for more giggles!

Then it's nap time yet again. But before I leave for the day, we need to take a selfie. I mean there's always time for a good selfie, right?

I hope you enjoyed a day in my life here in Uganda. Every day is a new adventure filled with excitement, and alot of drool. But it is such a blessing getting to cuddle their sweet faces and let them know just how much Jesus loves them (and how much I love them too, of course). We are all precious in His sight!

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