Monday, February 2, 2015

January Loves 2015

Hello Lovelies! I can not believe the first month of 2015 has already come and gone. I'm pretty much ok with that though because I have never really been a fan of the cold that accompanies January, so adios! January, however, was a great month for some fabulous indoor items, books, shows, and blogs. So here are the things that I have been absolutely loving in January!

The Nesting Place // I am completely enjoying this delightful book, not only for its beautiful pictures, but for the incredible message of loving your home in every season of life. It is truly helping me to love the design process and not stress over the imperfections that are a natural part of living.

Essie Nail polish // In this gorgeous color, Minimalistic. Josh gave this to me in my stocking this past Christmas and I have had it on my nails for pretty much the entire month and I'm loving it.

Blogging and Bloglovin // I committed myself to blogging on a schedule this month and have fallen completely in love with the whole blogging process. So much so that starting in February I will be following a schedule of three uploads a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and if I have info to fill in the other days I will do that as well. I am also crazy about Bloglovin. Not only does is help me to get my blog out on a main platform but it has also guided me to find and follow some incredible bloggers as well. Check it out!

Pure Natural Candles // I purchased one of these candles in January and placed it immediately in my upstairs bathroom. The scent is so incredibly calming and helps me relax in a nice hot bath.

This Awesome Mug // Given to me by one of my best friends for Christmas, I literally use it almost every morning (that's it clean at least) for my coffee and it is already my fav.

Natural Soaps // Like this one from Marie's Soap Co. I was given a few of these beauties for Christmas this year and I am loving them. I grew up with them around my house and forgot how incredible they are. If you enjoy natural products you need to try these homemade lovelies out.

Lara Casey's Goal Setting Series // This has instantly become one of my most favorite blog series ever. It has been beyond a blessing to me in my 2015 goal development and implementation. If you do not follow this amazing woman yet I would highly recommend it!

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac // My birthday is literally right on top of Christmas (seriously, only two days beforehand) and this gorgeous bag was my family birthday present. I've wanted one of these for ages now and was super excited to pick it out. It has been doing wonders for my shoulder while I am out for long days, as I no longer am toting around a luggage sized handbag. And I am in love with all of the incredible detail and beauty of this bag.

Fixer Upper // The first episode I caught of this amazing show last year had me instantly hooked! Love the style, love the reveals, love the quirky banter. If you enjoy home repair with some southern charm, then you need to check out this show on HGTV.

That is it for my monthly favorites. Would love to hear what you all have been enjoying in the month of January, and suggestions for products to try, and definitely any suggestions of books to pick up as I will be traveling next week and would love some great reads to bring along with me. Love ya'll!
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