Thursday, March 5, 2015

5 Great Movies for a Weekend at Home

Living here in Uganda, I don't have any cable so my roommates and I spend a lot of free time watching movies that we purchase for really cheap at the local mall. We have well over 200 movies in our home and we are constantly finding something new and fun to watch. As fate may have it, I just got finished skyping with Josh and he showed me the insane amount of snow fall that is happening throughout the northeast this weekend, so I thought this would be the perfect blog for a weekend of in home family movie time. These are five movies that I have watched recently (either for the first time, or fallen in love with again) that are fantastic for enjoying during a weekend at home. 

The Theory of Everything // This movie shows the incredible journey of Stephen and Jane Hawking and all of the struggles they went through within their lives. The story line is beautifully written and it shows the complex dynamics their family developed, as Stephen Hawking's condition deteriorated. I loved the insight it showed into their family and the innovation that they created to function normally on a daily basis as well as the strength it took for them to live each day out. It had a lot more heart than I had originally expected and focused so much more on the family then on the science of Stephen Hawking's accomplishments. I would seriously recommend it if you enjoy a good love story with a historical twist.

Maleficent // Oh my goodness! This movie was not what I expected at all but it was so incredibly beautiful and I connected to it instantly. Disney really outdid themselves with this gorgeous recreation of the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty. The story line shows love in a whole new light and it honestly had me in tears toward the end. The scenery is gorgeous and it is super family friendly. Perfect for a big family of all ages to enjoy together.

What If // I saw this movie in the theater with Josh when it first came out a few months ago and I just fell in love with this adorable story line. It is a feel good love story about two people who make a decision to stay just friends and become best friends. It's super funny and incredible sweet. And it has Daniel Radcliff, which is an automatic plus for me! There is a bit of language but nothing too heavy. It's a perfect snuggle movie with your sweetheart.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower // I had been meaning to see this movie for quite some time now but only had a chance to see it for the first time last week and I really enjoyed it. The tone of this movie is a little more sad but still has some funny moments. It shows a harder part of family life but the beauty of what real friendship is all about. The acting is fantastic and the story line is beautifully orchestrated. It's not the most family friendly movie I've ever seen but it's still a great one to watch if you have a chance.

Pitch Perfect // I can honestly say that this one is quickly becoming a classic and one of my all time most favorite movies. And who's excited for the sequel to come out in two months!?! This movie is hilarious, creative, fun, romantic....pretty much everything you could look for in a movie. I can't help but sing along to this witty comedy (and dance a little in my seat if I'm being honest). It's the perfect movie to put a little excitement into your weekend.

Let me know if you get a chance to check out any of these awesome movies and what your thought of them are. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with cinematic fun!
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