Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Girl's Getaway Weekend // Jinja, Uganda

One of the amazing experiences that comes with living in another country is the great opportunity to travel and explore the areas around you. Within Uganda in particular it is fairly cheap and easy to get around to new towns. This past weekend some of the girls that I work with, as well as a friend who lives here, and I went on a girl's weekend trip to the adorable little town of Jinja, Uganda. This gorgeous area is situated right on the Nile and has some fantastic scenery and exciting activities. Here is my photo diary from the weekend!

On the Coaster (Bus) to Jinja

They cram alot of people in the coasters (44 to be exact)
Delicious lunch at The Deli
At the front of All Terrain for some four wheel riding
Goofy faces as we all learn to drive
The ladies all set up to ride!
Riding through the countryside 
A few of the local women doing laundry and chatting about life
The whole gang!
Thrilled to be in Jinja
More countryside views
Boda rides with my lovely friend
View on our boda
Sunday morning worship in Jinja
Heading to lunch with my gorgeous roomie
Oh yeah, that's right...this supermarket is American lol
Modeling for the camera
Roaming the streets, shopping of course
Getting ready to hop back on the coaster home

Such an amazing weekend with my lovely ladies. These girls have become just like family here and I love them lots. Everything was so beautiful and incredible memories were made. So glad I get to share some of the photos with you all!

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  1. Looks like great fun! What a blessing to be able to visit new areas. Miss you lots!


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