Monday, March 23, 2015

My Bucket List Inspiration

Creating a bucket list for your life can be such a helpful way to check off the important adventures and goals that you want to achieve while you are here, enjoying this gorgeous earth. It's also fun to look back at the bucket list items that you have already experienced so they can inspire you to work towards those dreams you have not yet accomplished. So here is a small sampling of my bucket list (and I say small sampling because I truly do believe my bucket list could eventually be infinite), but these are my top 20 items, either accomplished or not, with some fun photos of the ones completed!

1) Marry the Love of my Life

2) Be a mom

3) Live in a foreign country

4) Ride in a hot air balloon 

5) Visit every continent

6) Go skydiving

7) Own a house

8) Write a book

9) Be able to speak on a stage confidently

10) Own a coffee shop

11) Bungee jump

12) Create a business

13) Make a life changing discovery

14) Adopt

15) Live in the sun for a whole year

16) White water raft the Nile

17) Run a marathon

18) Be fluent in a second language 

19) Float on the Dead Sea

20) And the infamous, be in two places at once

Like I mentioned before, this is nowhere near the end of my list but these are some of my top items. What are some of the big things on your bucket list?? What's stopping you from doing them right now? Make a list and start checking it off. You'll be so grateful that you went for it!



  1. I love to read other people's bucket lists! Yours looks great :) I try to "accomplish" a few things every year, this year I'm supposed to run a half marathon... Yikes haha!

    1. I give you all the credit in the world! I want to try for a half marathon one day as well. Just need to buckle down and do the training for it lol. I have faith that you will get it completed this year!


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