Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Happiness Post

There are so many things to be happy about in this world. I know that for all people there are sad days and tragedies that effect our lives, but on a regular basis I try my best to choose happiness and joy. I honestly believe that happiness is a choice that we can decide to pursue every day. To focus on enjoying this life as much as we can while we are here on this earth. The beauty of life is found in the details.

True joy is found in the details. Those precious moments that we get to share with each other.

 So this is my happiness post! The things that are making me happy at this very moment in time, right here in Uganda.

First and foremost, my amazing little family. These ladies have become more then just incredible friends and I love each of them so much. Family can come in so many different packages. It doesn't need to just be the blood line you were born into but it can be created by the people who are there for you when you need them most.

 Happiness is...the family you have created.

The gorgeous city of Kampala. It is crazy, busy, beautiful, and always full of life. It is a bustling city with new places to enjoy every day. I'm constantly finding a new cafe to get coffee at or a road I haven't traveled down yet. It's exciting having the opportunity to learn about somewhere new.

Happiness is...exploring a new city.

The sweet babies of Watoto. These children make my heart full every single day. They are the most precious little faces I've ever known and I fall in love with them more and more every day. They are the bright and shining future leaders of Uganda, given a second chance at life thanks to God and His incredible ministry that is Watoto.

Happiness is...embracing the love of a child.

My supervisor Vicki. She is one of the strongest, most beautiful women inside and out that I have ever met. It's been incredible the bond that we have been able to form just by sitting down and having great conversation. Really getting to know and depend on each other. She is not only my boss but an incredible friend and I love her dearly.

Happiness is...loving the people you work with.

Spending time with my beautiful friend, Katelyn, who was my roommate in 2013 has been a true gift. Having the opportunity to reconnect with this incredible woman of God has made this trip even better. She is consistently faithful to God's call and I pray that I can one day be as brave and selfless as her.

Happiness is...catching up with old friends.

My African Dance class with my roommates. We're pretty incredible. We should be taken on tour. lol Every week we have a teacher come to our home and we rock out as best as we can. It's always a blast and we get a great workout in as well.

Happiness is...dancing in your living room like no one is watching.

Cafe Java's! This delicious restaurant is a frequented stop on my daily routine, whether it be for coffee, lunch, or just amazing ice cream. They always have an incredible selection of food and the coffee is out of this world.

Happiness is...your favorite restaurant.

Sunshine! I am so in love with the gorgeous weather that I get to bask in on a daily basis. I already did a post here about my seasonal depression and living in a warm climate during the winter absolutely combats that entire situation. I adore living in the warmth and sitting by the pool is my favorite day off past time.

Happiness is...soaking up the sun!

Happiness is...a choice! And one that you get to make for yourself every day.  I personally have decided to stay attuned to the little details that make life happy because, well it's alot more fun than being miserable all the time. We can either focus on the negative that is around us or we can choose to notice all of the beauty, no matter how small, that permeates our daily lives and makes them joyfully worth living.

I want you to spend the day noticing all of the little details that make you happy. What are they? Let me know in the comments below. Let's all motivate each other with our happiness posts!


  1. Happiness is . .. wearing a dress with sandals for the first time this year!

    1. and, seeing that turtle photo pop up in my comment also makes me happy! It from when we went kayaking/snorkeling off Puerto Rico. So many sea turtles!

    2. You are so cute! Dress and sandals is something definitely making me very happy right now. Couldn't agree more


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