Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Adorable Baby Girl

During my time here in Uganda I have fallen head over heels in love with the most adorable little baby girl I have ever met. She has a huge piece of my heart that will be staying right here with her. For those who work with me daily, they all know that I lovingly call her Mooser. 

She is my Mooser and I love her lots. With my time here coming to a rapid close, I thought I would let you inside our little world. So here is the Moos and I in our greatest hits. Enjoy!

Our first photo together!
Sooo many kisses for the girl!
Family portrait time!
That face though
Her little eyes are the cutest
Yep, there are them eyes again
Perfection! And I just love when her little toe hangs out of her jammies
Lunch time for the Mooser
Her cuddles are my favorite
Had to add this one, cause what's life without a little spit up here and there
My favorite photo of us!
We make a great team
Sleeping beauties <3

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