Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Disney World & Universal Photo Diary

I am so incredibly excited that I got to experience another one of my 2015 travel wishlist locations this past weekend. That's right. The fam and I traveled to Florida for some fun in the sun and Disney/Universal magic. 

We had such a blast, met a ton of fun characters, laughed a bunch, and truly enjoyed each others company. Here is a little look see at our awesome Memorial Day weekend.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
Soooo this is my crazy family lol
Josh and I in Morocco for lunch 
My sis Carrie and I at the tree of life
And again with the crazy lol (see what I mean)
My favorite Disney Princess!!
Our bae Mickey
The parents with explorer Donald
Dad tried to take a pic with Mickey but Mickey wanted the whole spotlight
Show me your terrified face!
You want us to take that elevator??
Magic at its finest!
This sight never gets old
Me and my boo in front of the princess castle
Arrrghhh! We're pirates!
Runaway train
Gorgeous ladies in Universal
Yes we are minions 
This was me in allll my glory. Drinking a butterbeer in Diagon Alley!! 
Hopping on the Hogwarts Express!
Daydreaming on my way to Hogwarts Castle sitting in the Hogwarts Express
I love me some Harry Potter!! The new park was awesome!
My handsome husband and I always goofing off

Hope you all enjoy this little view into our lives and our family fun! We had a blast. Stay tuned to the blog for more trips coming this year that involve the 2015 Travel Wishlist. I'm so excited for the wonderful things to come!

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