Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DIY Shabby Chic Night Tables

For the past nearly two years now, Josh and I have been tirelessly searching for good night stands to frame either side of our bed, that would not only fit well but also not break the bank. We both knew that we needed/wanted something tall and slender, with drawers, that didn't cost us hundreds of dollars. (End table are expensive ya'll!)

So the searched continued, as we never seemed to find exactly what we wanted, for the price we wanted. So for nearly two years now I have been using a planter as my night table. A teeny planter people. It has definitely not been the most fun experience with absolutely no room to put anything.

Scene change to browsing through an antique store recently, in a fairly close neighborhood and finding these beauties! 

Ok, so they weren't exactly beauties at first. But I knew they had the potential to be gorgeous once they were given a little TLC. They were exactly what we were looking for, tall, slender, and only 20 bucks a piece. WooHoo!! 

The reason why these were such oddly shaped (and perfect) night stands, came from the fact that they are actually a vanity. Well I mean, they were in their former life. But alas, someone ripped out their middle mirror piece and was trying to sell them as two separate tables. 

I saw their potential immediately!

First things first, sanding down the finish on the tops (and basically all over) the tables. I used a combination of my electric sander and a block sander. In the end I went with using more of the hand block sander simply because I was using what was in my home and I didn't have the proper grit of paper for my electric sander.

For those who have never sanded before (and I can totally understand, cause I was you at one point in life) sand paper and sanding blocks have grit numbers attached to them to tell you how heavy or light of a sanding they will give you. When getting finish off or buffing out scratches, I tend to use a heavier, more coarse grit of sand paper.

Once the finish was off, I started to paint. I didn't go crazy on the sanding because I wanted to get several layers showing through when I distressed it later on. Oh, and do not forget to clean the piece off well, after you have sanded or you will get dirt in the paint and it will just not be pretty. I used a hefty amount of wood pledge over every inch, to remove the sawdust.

So here is one of the pieces mid paint. For the painting I chose to go with more of a dry brush technique. For that, what you want to do is get minimal paint on your brush and then drag out as much of that paint as you can over the piece, leaving some areas not even coated at all. This will enhance your shabby chic effect as you continue.

The paint I used for this piece was in the color "Silver Screen" and was from the Behr Premium Plus collection. It was a flat paint, with the paint and primer in one, purchased at the Home Depot.

Here is a view of the piece once it was fully painted with the areas of wood peaking through the paint.

Once I finished with the larger structure, I painted the outsides of all of the drawers to match.

Once the paint was dry, it was time to distress. I quickly realized that this was my most favorite part of the project. I used a fairly fine grit of sand paper (I believe this one was a 150), folded it up, and started to sand all of the corners, edges, and accents on the stands and drawers. 

This part is always fun because you can go as light or as heavy as you want on the sanding, depending on how you want your piece to turn out.

I went fairly light at first but started to really enjoy the distressed look. So in the end I went all out and I absolutely loved the result!

Two fabulous shabby chic night stands ready to anchor our bed and round out our room. If you are inspired to redo pieces of furniture in your home or a fantastic treasure found out at an antique store, please send me pics on my insta (link over on my side bar --->). I would looove to see your creations!


  1. What a great find. I can't believe the price! Sounds like we should do our treasure finding in your neck of the woods. These are so similar to my night stands, I can't get over it. We love ours, they are the perfect size and the three drawers are awesome. I love how your paint job really brought out the detailing on the lower drawers. I couldn't even really see it with the plain wood. Great job!

    1. Thanks so much! They do have some awesome finds tucked away all throughout this area and I always have a blast checking them out. We definitely need to go shopping together!


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