Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Learning to Grow + Giveaway!

It is that wonderful season yet again, where we get to start cultivating our garden and planting the seeds that will not only bring us beauty but also feed our bodies as well.

Spring time has to be one of my absolute favorite seasons because it is the start of new life (and warmer weather, wooot). Even though Josh and I are fairly new at this homeowner lifestyle, we are learning that we really love to be out in our yard, making it beautiful.

This is our second spring in our home and this is the year we have decided to start planting our garden and decorating with new flowers.

Last year we obviously had the opportunity to plant, as we were in our home during the spring planting season, but we chose to wait it out a year so that we could watch and learn our yard.

Why did we do this you ask? Good question! Because we were not our home's first inhabitants, so we knew there was a strong possibility that something may have already taken root in the soil that was now entrusted to us. We wanted to make sure we weren't ripping up perfectly good flowers before we went at it. We wanted to learn our space and be certain we were placing the right plants in the ground within the appropriate spaces.

Last year's season of waiting, watching, and learning gave us the ability to create the perfect garden structure this year. And it was absolutely worth the wait.

So this is our garden box. And do you wanna know what we learned grew in this box after waiting a whole year?? Not a thing! 

Now this could seem like a moment of defeat. We "wasted" all of that time by not planting anything. But for us we learned what kind of insects live in our yard, how the sun rises and falls in this area, and we had time to create an action plan of exactly what we would like to grow in this space.

Not to mention that fact that we realized this is the space we get to plant whatever we want. 

Of course, with this past weekend being a gorgeous time for planting, we sprang on the opportunity and ran out to Home Depot to take advantage of their awesome garden sale on veggies and herbs.

After grabbing some of our favs, we went home to our garden box and started cultivating the soil.

This can be a bit of a fun project, especially if you love to play in the dirt, because it entails digging it all up. Josh and I each took turns with our different tools and really just went for it, not really 100% sure that we knew what we were doing. All we did really know was that we were enjoying the gorgeous weather and our time together. Sometimes creating those memories can be just as exciting as developing the garden.

And just in case you didn't notice, there is our little Lu girl in the background "helping" daddy lol. 

Once the soil was all churned up, it was time for the planting. We picked up some of our favorite types of fruits, veggies, and herbs that we cook the most with, in hopes that we will have most of summer meals covered now. Choosing to plant things that will nourish your body is a great step to helping you grow.

At the end of the afternoon, the garden came together beautifully and all of the nine plants we picked up fit the space perfectly. 

It took us just over an hour from start to finish (practically no time at all) and we had a blast throughout each stage of the planting process.

We also learned, through some research, that the insects in our yard are not the biggest fans of marigolds, so we planted a small marigold flower about every foot, to keep away the pests that may want to trample in and destroy our garden.

So what did I learn from this planting season?

1. It pays to learn a few things about an area that you want to create in your life before you jump on in and start ripping up the surrounding dirt. I don't want to be the cause of pulling up some already rooted and gorgeous flowers because I was being careless with my space. And in that same respect I don't want to hurt those around me by throwing out opinions without hearing the full story. Stop, listen, learn, then help plant good things into my life and/or the lives of those around me.

2. A time of learning is never a time wasted. Even if nothing ever "flowers" in a particular season of life, that doesn't mean you didn't learn something in the process. Be fully present and pay attention in each moment you are given. It may just be exactly what teaches you how to grow in your next season.

3. It's ok if you are not an expert in something. Roll up your sleeves with the people you love most and just have fun playing in the dirt. Life is going to be messy at times, so why not take advantage of the craziness by enjoying yourself and learning from it along the way. Every "expert" had to start somewhere in life, so make this the season you start.

4. Plant things in your life that are going to give your body the nourishment it needs to grow. And I'm not just talking food here people. Making healthy decisions leads to a healthier life. When you choose to add things into your life, whether they be activities, friendships, habits, etc, the healthier they are for you, the more you will grow as a person.

5. Pick the correct amount of plants to fill your garden. If you are anything like me, you understand over committing to things in life. But by planting the things that fit in your life's space, and not overdoing it, you have more energy to really build into the things you are called to without spreading yourself thin.

6. Sometimes a task may seem overwhelming, but don't let that sense keep you from completing it. Once in the middle of things, you could end up having a blast (and it may end up taking you a lot less time then you thought).

7. Make sure you learn how to keep out the pests. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10). Don't let the enemy in to trample on the garden you are creating. The good things you plant in your life will have opposition that comes against them almost every time. Study and prepare yourself for these times so that you can be strongly rooted in the good soil.

Ok, so it's giveaway time!! To keep up with the lovely theme of planting, I want to giveaway a $30 gift card to Home Depot so that you can start your own spring garden. 

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is be subscribed to this blog, follow me on Bloglovin (both buttons of which are on the right side column on my blog), and leave a comment below telling me what lesson has helped you to grow this season. I will be picking a winner at random by Friday, May 15th and will contact you to send you your prize. Have an amazing week friends!


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  1. This is a great post. An interesting lesson from my own garden of late: I've really wanted to get planting, especially the big veggies that are so delicious. But, since I'm moving in June, I won't have the chance to enjoy them myself and who knows what the next person would do with them. So, my garden has stayed pretty empty (just some lettuce and chard - cool weather things) while I wait for my next garden to come along. I bought some veggies (seedlings) at the market last week (I like getting them there because they are less pesticided and it supports my local farmers!) to bring to my new garden this coming weekend. So, sometimes, you have something great to plant and have to wait for the right place to put it in the ground :) Patience . . .a great garden lesson for all seasons!


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