Monday, May 25, 2015

That Time My Dog Taught Me an Important Lesson

Anyone who knows me understands that I am in love with my dog, Lu. She is my baby. My child in every way. 

Lu is also fairly handicapped. She has an issue with her spine where it never truly finished forming at the very end while she was a pup and because of this the nerves have pinched for so long in her back that she no longer has feeling in her lower half. Due to this condition she drags her back legs a bit when she walks. 

It doesn't seem to bother her a whole lot because she honestly can't feel what is going on. But even though this assures me that she is not in alot of major pain, it actually keeps me even more aware and protective when she is getting into things. If she hurts herself while playing outside she can't fully feel it and therefore will continue to hurt herself recklessly. 

She has a hard time walking around our concrete back patio and, as she regularly drags her legs, she starts to scrap the tops of them up without even noticing. The more she scraps herself, the more of a tendency she has to start bleeding on the tops of her little feet. 

Now as a mom, of course this concerns and upsets me very much. I hate to see my baby scratched up and bleeding. It physically upsets me to see her hurting herself without her even realizing it. 

The other day, while I was working on my DIY Night Stands outside, I brought her out to spend the hours with me. But due to her condition, whenever my husband and I are working outside, we keep her on the grass. That's the rule. To stay outside, she must stay in the grass. 

The problem with that is, she doesn't always want to stay in the grass. 

I was working on the concrete so she wanted to be on the concrete with me. But as her parent, I knew what was better, healthier, and safer for her. So I would pick her up and place her back in the grass. 

As the day wore on, a little battle ensued of her sneaking back on to the concrete and me then placing her back in the grass. 

As this scenario played out, it occurred to my heart that this is a game I have played with God so many times in my life. A little battle of my own. Over and over again I've chosen to head into the path of unhealth and pain. And over and over again He has gently guided me back to that sweet grassy patch that won't leave me scratched and bruised. 

I slowly realized that if I'm bleeding somewhere in my life, it's because I haven't listened to the direction or boundary God has placed on me. I'm the one who has wandered off the grass. 

How many times have I walked into a situation thinking that, not only was it exactly where I wanted to be but also not really feeling the pain at first as I went along with life, only to end up bloody from the aftermath of my choices.

God is my ever loving parent who wants to see health in my life and not pain and when I follow His direction, He leads me straight into a life of that health and joy. It gives Him great pleasure to watch me living my life out of purpose and not pain. He is my stronghold and protector. 

I follow Him not because He is a tyrant telling me what to do, but because He is a loving parent who wants to make sure I'm safe. Following His plans will always be better than following my own.

Eventually Lu got the picture and spent the rest of the day on the grass. She realized that her mom wanted what was best for her, even if she couldn't see that for herself. She taught me an important lesson of trust and obedience. 

I'm slowly catching up to that same trust and obedience in my life.
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