Monday, May 11, 2015

Tips For Creating a Wedding Theme You Love!

Putting together your wedding theme is what little girls around the world always seem to dream of growing up. However, what I learned throughout the actual planning process is that it can become a bit overwhelming making all of those crazy decisions that go along with creating your theme.

I learned alot during that time period and hopefully some of my lessons can help you design a wedding theme that you truly love and that you and your spouse can be excited about together.

I fully understand that most people enjoy organizing an exact theme or color scheme, but I wanted our wedding to reflect us as a couple and all of the things we enjoyed doing together. The trick in that was making all of our favorites match up and flow well.

So for us, the first thing we wanted to do was identify what our favorite items or past times actually were. Our list included antiquing, lanterns, traveling, exotic food, the beach, coffee, and warm weather. Quite and interesting list to put into one theme.

But we found great ways to incorporate each of our favorite things into one gorgeous design. Our first favorite was antiquing, a fun spare time hobby we both enjoy on a relaxing Saturday afternoon. This was a must for us.

We decided to use the concept of antiquing as our color scheme. I did not want to do the traditional one or two colors all over the room and people, so we chose a few fun and traditional colors to decorate our room with. These included tan, pale pink, cream, gold, charcoal grey, and sepia.

I wanted my girls to pick out their own dresses so they all felt comfortable, while still following that antique feel color scheme. The flowers also followed this pattern with roses, lilies, peonies, and hydrangea, all in complimentary tones.

It also included texture as well so we had lace, tulle, satin, chiffon, wood, and candlelight. All coming together to compliment the space nicely.

Next we needed to blend the beauty of the beach and sunshine with the antique feel. We decided to get married in the gorgeous Florida community of Miromar Lakes. It is breathtaking there and if you are searching for a place in South Florida to tie the knot, I would HIGHLY recommend it. Not only is the scenery gorgeous, but the service is like none other I have ever experienced.

Our amazing wedding coordinators from Jet Set Wed offered up the brilliant idea to rent specific furniture pieces to give the beach that shabby chic, antique feel we were going for and the result was honestly stunning. It truly intertwined the two worlds gorgeously.

We continued with our favorites by purchasing lanterns for all of the tables. These became favorites for us after our first date to Longwood Gardens. I fell in love with the lanterns they had throughout their fields and Josh surprised me by purchasing one. It was one of the first gifts he ever gave me.

We chose antique style lanterns from some of local craft shops and they became our centerpieces. Complete with fresh flowers intertwined and surrounding each lantern.

The last piece of our antique look came in with our cake table. We wanted to be able to make this area of the room extra personal so I spent a few weeks collecting both my family and Josh's family's wedding photos for each parent, grandparent, and aunt and uncle. We placed all of the pics in antique feeling frames and decorated our cake table with all of the couples who have inspired us in their happy and healthy marriages.

Our next big favorite that turned into a fairly large theme in our wedding was traveling. Before Josh and I were even engaged we spent time in Uganda together and had a blast exploring the capital city as well as adventuring through safari.

 We realized then that we love to travel together and that it was going to be a large part of our life, so why not our wedding!

Distributing the travel idea into several aspects of our wedding became a fun way to filter creativity throughout the space. We started off by naming each table after a country we had already visited or wanted to visit in the future. So instead of being seated by table number each guest was whisked away on an adventure to a foreign country.

We were also able to incorporate the travel theme into our guest book, card box, and food options, which actually brought in the exotic food favorite. Our guest book was an over sized sepia map that each of our guests wrote lovely blessings on. Our card box was an antique style suitcase where guests could drop off cards as well as sign antique postcards from around the world with words of advice and love.

The last area of travel that we added to our theme was in the exotic foods. This was one of our absolute favorites (especially when it came to the tastings). We decided to go with four food stations instead of a buffet or sit down. Each station represented some of our favorite foods including Mexican, Chinese, Polish, and Italian. Everything was delicious and it allowed our guests to again be transported to another country.

Our last favorite, coffee, was added to each table as a small token of our love to each of our guests. The coffee bags were all filled with beans from multiple countries all over the world. The perfect cherry to top off an amazing day!

My last tip for future bride's trying to have a successful marriage, not just wedding, is make sure you're picking items and setting up pieces that make your new hubby happy as well. My hubs wanted to sit in the massive blue, king and queen chairs. So we sat in the massive blue, king and queen chairs. Always remember that your wedding is just one day but your marriage is forever. Happy planning!

All of our lovely wedding photos are credited to the fabulous Michelle Reed Photography
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