Monday, May 4, 2015

We Need Your Help // New Tree Time

Sooo this happened while I was away over the past few months...

Here once stood a towering tree that shaded our backyard and supplied us with a great amount of privacy. It was insanely tall, so right there I know it had to have been extremely old.

The only problem being that it was a Mulberry tree. Each summer it would gather up its tiny bits of ammunition (berries) and bomb every and all unsuspecting victims that entered its pathway. Even poor granny couldn't escape the inevitable fate that the Mulberry tree had in store for her.

So it had to go. Big time.

However Josh and I already miss the cooling shade and privacy barrier our crazy tree once created for us. I absolutely love the warmth and homeyness a tree brings to your property. It decorates the space, provides security, refuge from the sun, and can reflect your sense of style.

I am personally a fan of the flowering trees. Those gorgeous towers that brighten up your yard in the springtime with their stunning blossoms. This is the tree that currently sits closer to our home.

Every springtime it adds a vibrant burst of life to our yard. But it needs a friend now.

So the decision is on. What tree should we purchase to replace and brighten up this now vacant spot in our yard?

We have two in mind but keep going back and forth as to which one would be the best decision.

Choice #1 is the Cherry Blossom:

And Choice #2 is the Magnolia Tree: 

Now we need your help. Both are stunning and would add plenty of depth to our yard. But we would like to know if ya'll have any experiences (good or bad) with either of these trees. Which one do you think we should plant in the backyard??
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