Wednesday, June 3, 2015

And a New Fridge to Match // Issues with Perfection & Value

So this little beauty right here is the newest member of our household (isn't she just glorious?!). 

When Josh and I purchased our house nearly two years ago (wow, how time flies), our new kitchen came with basically all stainless, and I guess bits of black, appliances throughout it. So our stove/oven combo, microwave, and dishwasher all matched beautifully. 

And then we had this little old white fridge. Kinda out of place among its peers, but still very much apart of the family. A few people made some comments when we first purchased our home, asking if we thought it was weird that the fridge didn't match. But to be honest, I was so darn excited to have our first home (and not have to purchase any appliances) that I really didn't mind in the slightest. 

I learned alot in the two short years we had that fridge. First off, Josh will be all to quick to agree with this, but I'm kind of a perfectionist. I have a hard time with things being out of place or looking any less than beautiful. This all too often leads me to create goofy life expectations or rules.

Example: No magnets or pictures on the fridge. It's tacky. 

But as I stared at my lonely little white fridge, completely unmatching from all of its mates, and as we consistently received photographic cards with family and friends decorated on them, I thought to myself, "Well one picture can't hurt that much."

Cut to almost two years later and our little white fridge being completely decorated with cards, pictures, and lots of love from the people we care so much about. And it's growing on me, this whole perfect imperfection thing. Baby steps.

But alas, our family love affair with our cute fridge has coming to a screeching halt. The cooling mechanism inside has officially decided to live no more and over the particularly hot weekend we just experienced, our fridge's temperature rose to over 70 degrees inside (and this after we had just purchased a full load of groceries). 

Josh and I weighed the pros and cons of having it fixed vs. simply purchasing a new fridge, and decided to head down the road of acquiring something new. For multiple reasons, 1) this was not the first thing to break on our little man, the ice dispenser never worked and the water took ten minutes to filter out a glass for you, and 2) I'm serious when I say it was little. Whenever we would have a family party or BBQ, we could never get a tray of anything into it because the width of the side by side fridge and freezer may it simply impossible.

So new fridge it was. And while we were headed into new fridge territory, we may as well get something that matched its siblings. 

We headed over to our local scratch and dent appliance spot and found a gorgeous stainless steel beauty to balance our kitchen perfectly. 

Now this whole "scratch and dent" phenomenon has honestly gotten me mystified. (And this is actually the second point for this post lol). We were able to get our lovely fridge for a third of its original price because of this teeny tiny little ding here on the freezer handle.

Right there. Do you see that? Yeah I almost couldn't either. 

As I really contemplated this, it started to make me a bit sad that this oh so minuscule imperfection made our brand new, perfectly working fridge, a third of its original value. 

Now let that soak in for a second.

One tiny little imperfection made something that is beautiful and impeccably functioning, seem that much less valuable to the buyers in the original store.

But remember my adorable little white fridge? He already taught me that there was beauty to be found in the perfectly imperfect. That there was still value in those imperfections. 

I know that so many times in life we can feel less valuable when we are unable to live up to the high standards this world places on us. But let me just encourage you that there is so much beauty to be found in all of our imperfections. God created us with all of those little intricacies and "worldly defects," but He sees us all as perfect and lovely despite them.

If you're like me and struggle with consistently trying to live up to perfect standards, please let me encourage you to take a look around you today at all of the perfect imperfections surrounding you and just love them anyway. It will begin to change something inside of you as you do it.

And yes, there are magnets and pictures on my new fridge as well.
Perfectly Imperfect!


  1. This was so good Danielle!! I am loving your blog:) Lisa McKinney x

    1. Thanks so much Lis! I'm glad that you are enjoying it. I'm having a blast writing it :)


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