Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Brightening Up Your Space for Summer

It's summertime!! (Well nearly, few more days.) And I believe that some of the best ways to set your home up for summer is by brightening it up. Now if I'm being honest I like a bright home year round, but there are some fun ways that you can decorate your home for summer that can really make it feel light and airy.

So I put together three little easy to do, DIY weekend projects to help bring new life to your home as we usher in that gorgeous summer season.

The first one is to paint the old wood trim in your home (if you have any) to bring a lighter and brighter feel to your space. Our home is over 100 years old! And because of that we had alot of the original wood casings and molding everywhere. This simply made our space look super dark. So we have been working on painting it to liven it up.

While most of the painting has been done for some time now, we still had a window in our stairwell that was in it's raw, dark wood form. This past weekend we brightened it up with some fresh paint and added breezy window coverings to give the landing an overall soft feel. And I'm loving it.

Although I sadly forgot to take a picture of the window before I started painting, I do have some pictures from when we first started painting the dining room, which will give you a feel for how dark the space was when we first moved in.

As you can tell from the picture, the only thing that was bright in our space back then was the outside. This same dark wood surrounded the landing window in our stairwell also. So after dedicating only a few hours, we had a gorgeous result that looked like this.

This white color is also what all of the wood in our home looks like now and I think it enhances our home a thousand percent. I'm in love!

Next we need to add the new window coverings to give it a soft and flowy feel. Josh helped me out with this one by screwing in the brackets for the curtain rods and making sure everything was even.

While he finished up with that, I ironed the curtains. A necessary evil, I'm afraid. I really am not a big fan of ironing curtains. It's a huge pain in the butt, however, trust me in this one, it makes all of the difference in the end, not to have all of those creases. I purchased these curtains from Bed Bath & Beyond for a really affordable price.

Once the curtains were all sorted out, Wallah, a fresh space fully brightening up your home.

The thing I wanted to do to brighten up our space was to add some potted plants around our porch. We had a few pots in our basement, but when I purchased a rather larger hydrangea, we did not have a pot big enough for it. 

I ran over to my favorite, yes you guessed it, Home Depot, to pick up another ceramic planter. However, they were a bit out of budget at the moment and I chose to grab a clay one instead (you know, the slightly obnoxious bright orangey colored ones, yeah that guy.)

This leads me straight to weekend project number 2, brightening up a clay planter. I wanted it to fall in line with the color scheme of my already purchased, purple and light blue ceramic planters that already grace our porch (and not be so much of a gigantic eye sore).

Luckily I love blue and have a ton of blue paint samplers in my basement from when we painted our home. I think that it is so great to reuse items as much as possible when they are available, so I sorted through a few of our samplers and found a color I thought would compliment our porch and the hydrangea beautifully.

"Swan Sea"
Next I simply started to paint that sucker.

The paint dried almost instantly and I was ready to give my plant a new home immediately. When all was said and done, I had a gorgeous and bright planter for my hydrangeas.

The last thing I love to do to brighten up my home for summer time, is to add fresh flowers around different rooms. I believe greenery adds the perfect little somethin somethin to your space that practically pulls the gorgeous colors of summer right through the windows of your home, depositing them all around the house. I love seeing fresh flowers and arrangements throughout someone's space and I truly do believe that it brightens up the area instantly.

You don't have to go crazy expensive with fresh flowers either. I purchased both the bouquet of roses and the eucalyptus from Trader Joe's for less than $4 each. And I simply separated them all out into multiple jars around my home. Easy peasy!

Let me know what it is you are doing to brighten up your space this summer. I always love finding new ways to bring life to our home!

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