Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reviewing My New Years Goals

At the beginning of 2015, I sat down and wrote a post describing small (ish) steps that I wanted to take throughout the year so that I would be able to achieve some of my top goals moving forward. Now that we are halfway through the year (holy Toledo!) I wanted to take the time to revisit these thoughts to examine just how well I was living out each step so far.

For me, it's super important not to just simply write out needed steps, but to look over that list, and be real with myself. How much of this am I actually doing? Where can I find areas of improvement? Am I truly lining myself up the best way possible to achieve the goals that are important to me?

I also think it is necessary to live life with accountability partners. People you can look to, that will help lift you up when you may be falling a little short. And what better accountability partners then my completely incredible Enjoy this Beautiful Season fam. So here is my 2015 New Year's goals revisit. 

1. Setting aside quality time, on the calendar, for dates just with my hubs. 
     * I want to say that minus the whole living abroad for a few months thing, Josh and I have been pretty good at making us time. Whether that looks like gardening dates, dinner dates, catching a Sunday night movie, or simply snuggling on the couch, we keep set quality time a standard for our marriage.

2. Accounting for the food I eat.
    *If I am being perfectly honest here (as much as it pains me to be) this has not been something that I have been doing well with at all. I fully understand the benefit it would be in my life to focus on accounting for a healthier life, but the overwhelming time consuming part gets me every time. Headed into the next 6 months, I truly hope to begin down a more consistent pathway to health.

3. Scheduling time to be physically active as well as doing activities I really enjoy. 
    *This one I feel like I have had a much better handle on. I still try my best to get to Zumba as much as I possibly can. I also absolutely love the nice warm weather and jump at the opportunity to take long walks with Josh around our neighborhood as much as possible.

4. Keeping an up to date planner.
     *I'm actually amazed but this is one I have fully stuck to so far. Crazy! I keep all of my plans, blog posts, and appointments in my nice little paper planner. And I love it!

5. Sit down with Josh and organize our incoming money and outgoing expenses.
    *This is something that we still have yet to do, although we have been getting a better handle at our finances and paying things off. Josh has been teaching me alot about interest rates and all that shabang so I feel as if I'm getting a better handle on things. But yeah, we definitely need to sit down for this one.

6. Organizing my 2015 trips!
    *Yeah this one is probably one of my favorites (can you see the travel bug all over me??) and I'm proud to say that I already had a blast in Uganda and Disney World. Three more trips planned (so far) for this year and I'm super excited for them all. Keep an eye out for the upcoming adventures. Some may even be apart of my wishlist here.

7. Scheduling dates to write out and post my Blog posts.
   *I'm actually really proud about this one, but I have managed to not only stay consistent throughout my blogging career thus far, but I've also managed to add an extra day from when I had first started. Blogging is not always easy and can be a bit time consuming but I am absolutely in love and enjoy growing in this new season of life.

8. Organizing all of my Blog ideas. 
   *Again, another thing I have been keeping up with fairly well. Each post is written out in my calendar before it comes to life on the internet and I'm thrilled that I have been keeping up with it

9. Read my Bible more. 
   *I want to say that I may be lacking in this a bit right now. I'm absolutely still reading my bible, but I don't really believe I could constitute it as "more." I believe my feelings when I wrote this was to read more than in my previous history and that is something I have not been consistent with if I am being honest. So this is definitely a step I want to devote more time to over the next 6 months.

10. Continuously run after God's will for my life. 
    *This is a goal that I am doing my best with in every aspect I feel that I can. Now let me tell you, I mess up with this constantly. Like cooooonstantly. But with each mess up, I learn from it and continue to move on by listening to that still soft voice whispering in my ear and leading me toward the best paths. And all I can say about that is, for every time I follow God's direction, beauty instantly springs to life, and it makes my life so much more worth while. 
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