Monday, June 15, 2015

Tips for Moving Forward When You are Feeling "Stuck" in this Season

I personally feel like most of us come across a time in our lives where we just feel stuck. I know that I have personally been in this place multiple times in my life. (Maybe even a little now).

I think I would define "stuck" as living in a season of transition and not fully being sure or confident of what is on its way next. That in between where we question what we're engaged in while wondering what is on the horizon for us.

It is really easy to feel stuck, confused, and even a little frustrated throughout unclear seasons in life, but I also believe we can actively take steps to pull ourselves out of this muck and into the next fantastic season of purpose that we were all created for. 

One of the first things I would suggest while trying to figure your next move would be write out some of your strengths, weaknesses, and future goals. It's helpful to see what you are good at, lessons you've recently learned, what things have worked (and haven't worked) in your journey, and where you see yourself.

An amazing resource I have found that helps me to organize all of these thoughts and ideas are the Power Sheets by Lara Casey. I'm not even kidding, the Power Sheets have been such a lifesaver with aiding me in creating intentional steps to develop my purpose filled life. I love them and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs assistance getting their jumbled thoughts all down in one place, help truly recognizing strengths and weaknesses, and developing a goal following system that actually works. I use them and I think they are super beneficial. 

Creating a list of action steps is another great way to help you begin to feel unstuck. Once you have had the opportunity to recognize the things you feel you would be great at, the dreams you wish to start pursuing, or even the direction you are really hoping for your life to go, it's then time to create some action steps on how to achieve these. Baby steps though, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Now that you have a list, no matter how small, place it where you will see it every day so you are reminded to consistently strive in following your steps.

Now I know what some of you may be saying, "I feel stuck when it comes to a relationship, or maybe even lack there of. What possible action steps could I create for this?" And I would say that just because you may not be in a relationship yet, doesn't mean that you can't record actual steps to help prepare you for the time of being there.

If you're looking for a partner to share life with, then maybe write down the qualities you are desiring for that person, and then start living those out yourself. If you're looking for specific qualities, then that means other people are searching for those aspects as well. So start now, being the person that would make an incredible spouse for your future husband or wife. Pray for them now. And begin laying good foundation in your life that will make you one incredible spouse to someone.

So maybe your not stuck in the relationship department. Maybe you're seriously ready for a career change, or a big move across the country (or to another country), or even expanding your family. All of these things can have action plans created for them to help you move in the direction you want to go. One small little step at a time. Writing it down helps so much.

My next suggestion would be get out there and do an activity you truly love. I know for so many people, being in a season of stuck tends to lead to depression. When this hits, you need to stop for a breath and then head out into the lovely world to participate in something enjoyable and fun.

Engaging in the activities that excite us, is one of the best ways to pull yourself out of a depression. I know the hairy little green monster who tries to convince you that curling up in your pjs, on the sofa, with a netflix series (possibly a pint of ice cream) is the way to go, but I'm telling you, step back into the light my friends. He has attacked my life one too many times and nothing good comes from his little reign of terror. He's a jerk. Turn off the tube and head out into the sunshine. It'll help. I promise.

Stay positive! Words really do have power. When you consistently speak negativity over your situation or season, that season will turn negative. Keeping a positive attitude is the very best way to move forward and engage in a positive result.

Now I fully understand that this is not always easy. There are some days where it may seem that you are going to be stuck forever. You're not. Let that seep deep into your soul and really allow your heart  to know it. This is only a season and all seasons pass with time. You will get through this and doing it with a positive attitude will make it that much easier. 

And finally, we all must remember that sometimes we truly need that season of "stuck" to teach us lessons we may have been to busy to recognize otherwise. There is beauty in the stuck. Whether God is trying to teach us patience, perseverance, or simply the ability to take notice of what surrounds us in those moments, there is always much to learn from each season.

Take time to learn in your season of stuck. Soak it all in, each beautiful moment, because this may just be what leads you into an incredible season of life, health, growth, and purpose.
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