Friday, June 5, 2015

What I'm Looking Forward to This Summer

Heading to Florida to see my family and having some quiet time there.

Girls nights with my besties. I truly think there is nothing better in the world then an amazing summer night out with the ladies I love like crazy. We always have a blast.

Josh and I are headed to Italy in the fall so I'm super excited to plan all the cool places we will be going to visit and all the gorgeous sites we'll see.

Joel Osteen is coming to Philly this summer and I am thrilled to be able to see him live. And since we are in his network of churches we have been given the opportunity to serve at his event. So stinkin cool!

Spending time down the Jersey Shore. This has been a long time tradition (probably for every family in Jersey) to pack it up for the day and enjoy the sunshine, food, and fun. I can't wait!

Antiquing with my hubs. It is such a blast to check out some of the local craft and antique stores in and around our area and we always find super cute stuff while we're out.

Longwood Gardens trips. This is my absolute favorite place in the world and it's where Josh proposed as well. We are yearly members and love to spend time walking through the different garden areas.

My churches annual summer conference Invade. We always have incredible speakers that help me to grow enormously and preps me for the upcoming year.

Cheerleading to start! For those of you who don't know, I am a cheer coach and I love it. Can't wait to be back with my girls this summer.

Coffee on my front porch. Seriously nothing is better then a nice relaxing Saturday morning, coffee in hand, on the Dortch porch.

Catching up on some reading. Whether it is on the porch, at the beach, or down in Florida, summer always seems to have a few more still moments of sitting in the sun and catching up on a good book. If you're interested in what I will be reading this summer, you can check it out on the blog next week!

The opening of The Tattered Dragonfly, a gorgeous refurbished antiques store with amazing pieces that I can not wait to get my hands on!

Summer BBQs with family and friends.

The local custard spot. It is very much a tradition for those who live in my area. The place is always packed and the ice cream is delicious!

DIYing some furniture for our home. Josh and I have already purchased a bunch of fun pieces we want to refurb, like I did our night stands, and I'm super excited for us to start them.

Watching our garden grow. This has been a serious blast and I can't wait to eat all of the fresh food that will be ready mid summer.

What are some exciting things that you are looking forward to this summer?!

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