Monday, July 6, 2015

Creating a Beautiful Home You Love, Part 1 // The Dining Room

At the end of this summer, Josh and I will have been residing in our home for 2 years. I know, crazineeeeess. Fixing it up is a hobby we both have come to truly enjoy and take part in regularly during our free time. 

So for the month of July I wanted to create a fun little series for ya'll on how to develop a beautiful home you will love. I will be documenting a different room that we've spent time fixing up each week, giving great tips and tricks on how you can DIY the space, and where to pick up some awesome budget buys for decor.

With that being said let's start with Part 1: The Dining Room

Let's talk business for a sec, when we walked into our home for the first time we truly did fall in love, but it was mostly with the potential and not as much with the as-is product. Everything felt very dark, dated, and a little old school country. Here is our home as it stood when we first toured it.

As charming as it was during our first look see, we knew there was alot we could add that would keep the vintage charm but allow for light, bright, and airy. So the first thing we decided was to paint the wood trim white. 

Tip: This will take a loooooong time, so factor that into your renovating timeline. 

When we started out we thought it would take a weekend, maybe two. WRONG! It took us nearly two full months to paint all of the wood and the downstairs rooms (keep in mind this was with having full time jobs). 

Tip: It took us about three coats of paint on each area of trim to get our finished look. 

Although completely worth it, the process was very time consuming so be prepared for that.

Tip: Because we painted the trim first, knowing we were going to paint the walls as well, we did not bother taping it off. 

Whatever helps you cut corners with time will help expedite the process overall. Do not waste an hour taping an area where the bleeding of the paint can be covered up later. We did however, tape off the doorway into the area we would not be painting.

Here is the area as it appeared when most of the trim was painted. Already beginning to achieve a brighter look. The next thing we did was pick out paint samples for the walls.

Tip: Always purchase paint samples and throw those up on the wall in large squares to see how the paint looks in your home.

You may fall in love with a color in the store, but just because it appears fantastic in the florescent lighting of Home Depot, does not mean it will have the same appearance in your home lighting. This is especially the case when you are placing two colors in one room. You absolutely want to make sure they will blend well with each other. Leave them up for a day or so and see how they look in all forms of lighting throughout the day.

Once you have chosen your colors you can head on to primer. 

Tip: Priming dark paint colors is a must. However, if there is a lighter creamy color paint in an area, you can get away with not having to prime it. (Which is what we did for the bottom portion of our walls here.)

Like I said before, we are massive fans of light, bright, and airy. We are also large fans of the beach. We got married on the beach, and love the feel of fresh air and calm. So that is the direction we went with our color schemes all around.

Tip: When picking your paint colors, examine all things in life that you love and pull from those to give your home that feeling of comfort. It's YOUR home, so it should reflect your personality and interests. 

We love this hand-me-down dining set as well. Not only were the colors perfect with the space, the light wood and stone table enhanced our beachy like, calming feel.

Once all of the space is painted, changing up the lighting can be the cherry on top of this gorgeous area. I think people all to often push their lighting to the back burner and don't fully realize how incredible it can complete the room. Josh found this beautiful chandelier at a local PA antique shop for $100. That's right, ya heard me, $100.

Tip: Take your time and search for the perfect lighting fixture. You can find some incredible buys in thrift and antique stores.

We knew we wanted something just like this chandelier, but kept finding them online or brand new for over $1,000. This piece of art was a fabulous budget buy that may have taken us a bit longer to find, but was absolutely worth the searching.

Lastly, add your decor! I tend to go with a more cozy minimalist feel, while keeping everything personal. There are four major decor items I personally use to brighten up and cozy a space.

Tip: My decor four are: curtains, carpets, greens, and photos.

Adding a cozy rug to a wood floor can brighten the wood tones, while keeping our feet warm in the winter. We purchased this large area rug from Lowe's for just around $250 (an incredible buy for its size and quality). 

Great curtains also add character to the windows and give your space a more elegant look. We purchased these from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $25 a panel (that's $50 a window). You do not have to break the bank for gorgeous curtains.

Beautiful plants and fresh floral arrangements can brighten up your space and really enhance the look for a fairly reasonable price. Trader Joe's is always great for inexpensive arrangements and I enjoy purchasing fresh flowers regularly.

The last touch is your family photos. We have pictures of all of the marriages that inspire us in our families that were used as decor for our wedding. These wedding photos are now bursting from every radiator cover of our house and remind us of all the people we love so dearly.

Enjoy the rest of the photos of this space all fixed up!

I hope that you enjoyed the beginning of this series and found some of the tips and tricks helpful. Stay tuned for Part 2 of Creating a Beautiful Home You Love, coming out next Monday, where we will see how to transform your living room space. 

I would love to see just how you all create that beautiful home space of yours. Follow me on Instagram and for the entire month of July I would like us all to use the hashtag #createyourbeautifulhome so we can share photos of how we all make our homes special. I would love to see what makes your beautiful house a home! Love ya'll!
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