Monday, July 13, 2015

Creating a Beautiful Home You Love, Part 2 // The Living Room

I'm so incredibly excited to start Part 2 of my home series Creating a Beautiful Home You Love. Last week I showed you just how we fixed up our Dining Room space to be the beautiful space that we now love.

This week it is on to the next area we poured our love into, Part 2: The Living Room

This room was honestly such a fun space for us to work on and dream up. The very first thing we did was to create a concept of exactly what we wanted our living room to say to people. The tone we wanted it to set as the threshold of our home. The first day we walked through the space it felt very drab and well...brown. And not like nice brown, but more like a mustardy colored yuck brown. I definitely was not feeling it at all.

As much as this space was cozy when we purchased it, the living room still didn't reflect us. Remember how last week we talked about light, bright, and airy. That's our style, with the beauty of historic charm, mixed into a beachy feel. So that's where we wanted to head with this space.

But before we started painting, we taped up the gorgeous stain glass window to make sure the wood trim paint did not get all over it.

Tip: My absolute favorite painter's tape is ScotchBlue in the "Delicate Surface" style, not the original. I find it to be much easier to peel off of every surface without leaving jagged edges.

The next thing we did was pick a color for this room. We wanted to choose something that complimented the dining room space we had already painted.

Tip: When picking out paint colors, if you don't want every room to be exactly the same, choose complimentary colors over completely opposite colors. It'll give you a more cohesive feel.

We also decided to pick out new carpet for this space, not because the old carpet was a horrid color that didn't match the room (it was actually quite nice), but because we wanted a fresh start to this room. We also went with a carpet that was lighter and helped brighten up the room a bit more.

Tip: Purchase the flooring you love. I understand that hardwoods are "in" but I love the snuggley feel of carpet under my toes and I wanted something my future babies could crawl around on. 

Tip: There are some things worth splurging on. Carpet is not usually something you want to go cheap with. Great carpet feels amazing and lasts a long time too.

Picking out the perfect furniture pieces was the very next thing we did. Although most of the furniture in our entire house has been handed down to us by our incredible family, the couches were the one thing we wanted to purchase.  

Tip: When buying a new couch, sit on it for a looooong time and get a real feel for how comfortable it's going to be.

When Josh and I were furniture shopping we sat on this couch for a good 15-20 minutes, like we would if we were home in our own living room. This helped us realize how comfortable we could truly get on the couch and visualize it occupying our home.

Our second furniture purchase was the love seat. We had picked up our couch from Ashley Furniture but we actually found our love seat from Pier 1 Imports. And let me tell you what, I fell in love with this love seat. I drove over to Pier 1 Imports several times every month to sit in this snuggely little seat completely mesmerized with the idea of it finding a permanent residence in my home. I had to have it! Not only was it beautiful, it matched our sofa perfectly. We spent several months saving, but I am super glad we did.

Tip: You do not need to purchase a matching set for your furniture pieces to look beautiful together. Compare material swatches with each other and if the colors and styles flow, then go for it!

We added this bench in the corner of our entryway, to have a comfortable place to put on shoes. We also found these adorable baskets to place underneath for both style and practicality. These baskets hold our shoes and keep everything neat and out of the way.

Tip: Finding creative ways for storage can be helpful and cute!

We finished off this room by dressing it up with curtains we love, family photos, comfy pillows, and personal things that make our house a home. We finished off the center of this room with this incredible ottoman. We choose it over a coffee table so that we could throw up our feet and really relax in our home.

Tip: Pick unconventional pieces that can double as durable and comfortable. 

Last, but certainly not least, be intentional with how you place your furniture. We lined our doorway with our sofa to create the feel of an entrance or foyer area, where one did not previously exist. This helped us to define two spaces in one room and gave our home a real entryway while opening up the living room furniture to the dining room space, and making it one cohesive area.

Here are the rest of the photos for ya'll with the living room all prettied up. Enjoy!

The number one thing we wanted out of our living room, was for it to be inviting. God blessed us with this beautiful house and we want to be able to bless others by inviting them into our home and showing them love through hospitality. We have found this to be an incredible place to entertain so far and I couldn't be more thrilled with the direction it's moving in.

I hope ya'll have enjoyed this week's edition of Creating a Beautiful Home You Love. If you've been working on your home and want to showcase it off, use the hashtag #createyourbeautifulhome on the insta, so we can share and inspire each other on this journey. 

We will have two more exciting weeks showcasing some of our fun home changes, with more tips and tricks so don't forget to check out Enjoy this Beautiful Season every Monday in July to learn hoe to Create a Beautiful Home that you will simply Love!

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