Monday, July 20, 2015

Creating a Beautiful Home You Love, Part 3 // The Stairwell

I have honestly been in love with developing my series Creating a Beautiful Home You Love for ya'll and it's been fun for me to revisit all of the rooms and hard work we have dispersed into our home over the past two years. Lots of love, prayer, and sweat went into to each space and I'm so excited to share our tips and tricks for getting each area picture perfect.

So here is Part 3 of Creating a Beautiful Home You Love: The Stairwell

It may seem like your stairwell is a space in your home to just skip over since it's not an actual room, per say, but I believe a great stairwell and landing can enhance the welcoming feel of your home while adding pops of color and personality. This is what our stairwell to the second floor of our home looked like the day we purchased it. (We were super excited to be homeowners!) 

As you can see in this photo it was mostly dark wood, similar to the living room and dining room in our downstairs. Although the original wood was beautiful, for us, it made the house feel a bit old and out of date. So the first thing we wanted to do was liven that up by bringing some fun color and airiness to the space.

The previous owners kept the walls white (my guess would be to not make this stairwell too dark). So our first goal was to flip that around, making the would white so we could color in the walls and help give this area more personality.

It took us a very long time to finish out the wood work in the white color. I'm talking, hand painting each and every spindle going up the railing. It was exhausting.

Tip: If you are working on a tedious task, break it up into multiple days. This will assure that it is completed well and without you feeling like your hand might fall off.

I spent two straight days on those spindles but I honestly wish I had broken it up into a longer period of time. My hand throbbed for nearly a week afterward and I truly thought it was going to be stuck in a pickle claw like form for good. 

Tip: Don't let your desire to "get things over with" make you rush your work. It's better to do things well then just quickly.

We then moved on to taping up the trim and painting the walls. We used the same exact blue from the dining room to give it more of a cohesive look.

Tip: When painting two rooms that are near each other but don't actually touch, sometimes it is beautiful and simplistic to use the same paint colors to compliment the symmetry of the home in its entirety. 

Tip: When painting a space where you are going to rip out the flooring, keep the old flooring down til you are completed painting. This saves you from using drop cloths and when you are finished you can simply pull up the old flooring, carpet, etc.

We followed the same paint color up the landing, and around to the second floor. Again, this helped produce that cohesive look we were going for. Once we were completed with the painting of this space we pulled up all of the remaining carpet.

Tip: (MONEY SAVER) It is incredibly easy to rip up carpet. Simply use the back of a hammer to dig up a corner of the room and then tug. It usually comes up extremely fast and efficient without forcing you to pay a professional. 

When all of the painting is complete, have your carpet installed, and then hang some of your favorite personal touches. (You can actually see the fact that we never finished painting the landing window originally. I showed how we lightened that up and added fixtures here.)

The pieces that decorate our stairwell are very personal to us. 

Tip: Adding just a few personal touches can give the space a warmer feel without looking too cluttered.

The decor that we chose to place here are all sentimental. The hand carving of Africa we purchased from a local craft vendor during our first international trip together in Uganda, the map on the second set of stairs is actually our guest book from our wedding and has been signed by everyone who attended, and our final piece of decor is our LOVE key ring we purchased from a random antique re-finisher we stopped by during a road trip.

Tip: When you are taking any type of a road trip (especially through more rural areas) it's always fun to leave aside some time to stop in a local shop or two. You never know what kind of treasures you will find.

Finally, I love adding some fun flowers to brighten up the space and give it some texture. It's a really easy way of adding a pop of color without getting super crazy. Both sets of these flowers were gifts and I love finding fun areas to place them so they can liven things up.

Tip: You do not need to break the bank for beautiful floral arrangements to color your space. Michaels, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby...all great places to find affordable permanent flowers.

Tip: You can get really affordable planter stands from places like Home Goods, that are thin and take up very little space. Perfect for areas like a stairwell landing!

Here is the stairwell in its complete state and I love how much character it adds to our overall home. I'm so glad we did not take this space for granted and focused as much time on it as the rest of our home.

Here are some more completed pictures for you to enjoy!

I hope ya'll have enjoyed this week's edition of Creating a Beautiful Home You Love. If you've been working on your home and want to showcase it off, use the hashtag #createyourbeautifulhome on the insta, so we can share and inspire each other on this journey. 

Let me know how you make a sometime forgotten area of the home (entryway, stairwell, laundry room, etc) bright and special in the comments below. I would love to hear your ideas as well!

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