Monday, July 27, 2015

Creating a Beautiful Home You Love, Part 4 // The Master Bedroom

Hello there my lovely friends! It is the very last week of this particular series, Creating a Beautiful Home You Love, that I've been putting together just for your enjoyment this past July. I loved that I was able to bring you through our dining roomliving room, and stairwell so far. But enough with the downstairs, we're movin on up! 

So get yourself ready for Part 4: The Master Bedroom

This room right here has been our master bedroom ever since we bought the home. It's honestly not the largest room in the house, but we decided to use it for now until we have the money to fix up the larger master. I told ya'll from the beginning that we purchased this home because we saw the true potential we could get out of it. Our home came with a massive bedroom on the third floor that we intend to turn into a master suite in a few years (but baby steps first). 

So for now this sweet little second floor room works just fine (especially since it is only Josh and myself at this particular moment). This is how our master has looked since we purchased it. Fairly uninspiring, with no real personality in the decor at all. But that's all about to change!

This blue was the color on the walls when we purchased our home, and I already know what you're going to's gorgeous. And I absolutely do agree. But it is not the light, bright and airy feel that the home as a whole is going for.

Tip: Just because you enjoy a beautiful color does not mean you have to keep it, if it does not fit your overall theme.

Tip: Sticking with your home's theme will help with the general flow, and not make one room feel as if you are stepping into a whole new house when you enter it.

This color, while lovely, is honestly way to dark in this small space. Not to mention the fact that we have dark furniture as well, so the whole place gives a feel of caving in on you. It's not a fun space and it gives no real, breath of fresh air openness, that I've been producing in the general house. So a bit of a redesign was definitely in order.

Tip: It is a lot cheaper to buy a new paint color, then a whole new set of furniture. A dark room with dark furniture will make a space feel closed in and tiny. Painting walls a lighter color will open this area up alot. 

The hardest part about this space is that there is no real personality here. That is partially my fault because I've yet to hang any real decor in this area. I knew that we would be changing out the paint, so why go through the struggle of putting everything up on the walls, just to take it all down shortly after. So that one picture stands alone.

Tip: If you are planning on changing something before you even start decorating the room, don't go crazy with the decor at first, or you will have a large area to clean up and reorganize later.

I'm also really not a fan of the closet door at the moment. It's kind of an eyesore to me with its color. So it too shall be painted a lighter color to brighten up this area.

Tip: A simple paint job, to something like a closet door, and changing out the hardware, can really give the whole wall a different vibe.

Now, my incredible husband found this gorgeous duvet at our local Pottery Barn (very similar here) and we instantly fell in love. So this was our first major purchase for this room. Each and every decision we are making for this space is going to be based off of this one design. It's bright and airy with a gray and gold flair to it. Perfect for our room.

Tip: Finding one main design piece to be the focal point of the room and then basing the rest of the room and decor off of that will ultimately assist in the overall flow.

The next step was paint.

Tip: When you have a dark color preexisting on the walls, I would HIGHLY suggest using primer. Going from dark to light will be that much easier if you throw a primer up first.

I fully understand that there is paint and primer in one, but in my experience, you never fully get the color you want without three or four coats, when you are painting from dark to light. A good can will be in the $20 range and will honestly save you so much hassle. I used Kilz for this room since we had some left over when we were painting the wood trim and it works perfect. 

Tip: Tarp all of your furniture!! It's so much easier then having to scrap off paint later.

Here is the room freshly primed (before I finished the edges) and I already think it's starting to appear bigger.

Tip: This process may honestly take a few days, so make sure you have an alternative set up for your sleeping arrangements. You do not want to be breathing in fresh paint fumes all night.

So here is where the real problem began. I had a for real, 50 Shades of Gray, issue on my hands. Who the heck knew that so many different shades of grays existed. I'm quickly learning. I've been throwing up samples day after day trying to find the perfect light and fluffy gray that I'm looking for.

Tip: Always buy the samples first! It may be exactly what you're looking for in the store but be a whole new shade once it's on your wall at home. Sample, sample, sample!

Now, this is honestly where I'm stuck. Finding a great paint color. And it is where I am going to end this series...

With the exciting announcement that I am starting a new series in August, Beautify My Bedroom, that will take you all on this journey with me of recreating this bland bedroom into a masterful oasis. I've honestly had such a blast writing this series and taking so many fun pictures for you, that I just did not want the fun to end. So please come and join me throughout August as we explore together, and in more depth, what it takes to create a beautiful space that you will be in love with!

Starting next Wednesday, August 5th, and every Monday afterward, Enjoy this Beautiful Season, will have brand new tips and tricks just for you, so we can walk this journey out together. I can't wait to see you all there! But for now, it's off to find the perfect paint color. 

Do you know of the perfect light gray color? Let me know in the comments below if you've ever been hunting for the perfect light gray and found the exact color you were searching for!

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