Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Encouragements // 4th of July

Wow! Who can believe that it is already July?? It's insane for real ya'll! It's like I blinked and the first half of 2015 essentially said, "See ya lata sista." I can't even comprehend.

However I am not complaining one bit since summer is my very most favorite time of the year. Where I live, we absolutely experience every season as they change, with summer having the highest of high temperatures and the winter having the very lowest of lows. So I am very much a fan of the heat. Who's with me?

I also truly love the togetherness that people are willing to share over the summer. From the barbecues, to the coffee dates, to taking walks around the local lake, I feel as if everything is fair game in the summer time. 

And speaking of barbecues, it's 4th of July weekend!! Woohoo! This has been quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays over the more recent years for a thousand different reasons, but spending some real quality time with friends and family is a main one. This year we will be hosting the festive BBQ of dazzling red, white, and blue in our home and I couldn't be more excited.

Josh has officially graduated from grad school, God has blessed with an incredible group of family and friends, our home is finally open for entertaining, and the sun is shining. There is so much to celebrate in this season. 

Now I know there are many times where we may not feel as if we are in a season of celebration, but please let me encourage you, in this life there may challenges, frustration, anger, loneliness. However, our mighty God has overcome all of these and for that we should celebrate. 

I too have gone through many seasons of hurt and sadness, but I also realized a while ago that this life is short. Focusing on the negative will only hold you back from living in your fullest potential. (And it's really not that fun either.)

In the Word it says that our days will vanish like smoke. That analogy has always stuck out in my mind because if you ever watch a smoker, the wispy puff that trickles from their mouth is here one second and then completely evaporated the next. Gone, like the changing of seasons.

Our life is that short, so why waste it with worry, fear, distress...Let's CELEBRATE! The time is now, and we will never get it back.

Please let me encourage you, if you've been invited to that local BBQ, don't sit at home in your insecurity and loneliness. Head on out there and create new relationships. Celebrate life with the amazing people God has placed into yours. 

Maybe you weren't invited to a BBQ for the 4th. Throw your own, get out there, and invite the people you would like to get closer to. Building real friendships involves a proactive spirit. Allow your soul a bit of vulnerability and invite, invite, invite. And then, celebrate.

Your world will be alot different once you do. 

So what's everyone doing for this fabulous 4th?? I would love to know how you are celebrating in the comments below. Have a great holiday my friends!
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