Friday, July 24, 2015

Great Ways to Workout For Cheap this Summer

So it's summer time (as we all know by now) and that means smaller clothes and even smaller swim suits. Getting in shape is a must if you want to be out and about, down the shore, and so on. It's also extremely important for your day to day health to be active and moving. But there are definitely seasons in life when I don't have the excess funds to be supporting the local gym with a monthly payment. 

Now usually I would find this to be a moment of defeat, but fear not friends! I have come up with some great ways that you can work out for an extremely cheap price, or even completely free!! And if it's free, it's for me. So here we go...


I love getting my morning relaxation and strength training from Yoga with Adriene. Her workouts stretch my muscles, help my balance, relax my brain, and tone me up. She's both calming and strong. For something a little more fast paced, I like to check out blogilates. Her routines are great for people with super busy lives (they last somewhere in the 10 minute range) and they focus on giving strength to one area of the body (legs, arms, tummy, etc.) I always get a great burn on in her workouts and it leaves me prepped to take on the day. And the great thing is, both of these are completely free!


I feel like this may seem like a duh kind of statement, but going for a regular walk around a park, lake, or simply your neighborhood is a great way to stay physically fit. My husband and I like to take long walks around our area when he gets homes from work at night. We live in a historical neighborhood and we love to comment on all the beautiful homes and landscaping. This simple little act combines 3 things we love, home design, walking, and quality time with each other.

Take the Stairs

People honestly look at me like I have ten heads when I choose the stairs over an elevator or escalator, but it is seriously so good for your health. And I mean, come on, it really is not that difficult to head up one flight of stairs instead of jumping on the escalator (unless you have some sort of knee injury preventing your climb). I originally started doing this because escalators and those creepy moving sidewalk thingys, make me super dizzy. But I've kept on with it because it's super great for staying in shape.

Ride a Bike

This is not only a great way to get into shape, but it's a super fun family activity as well. It is truly something the whole family can do together, and it's a much healthier alternative to sitting on the couch watching a TV show. Now if you don't have a bike, it will obviously be a cost to obtain one. But once that magical cycle is in your possession, there are unlimited possibilities to the workout opportunities. My one friend even rides his bike to work and back (a few miles away). Now that's dedication!

Zumba Party

I know I've talked about this multiple times on my blog, but I am truly obsessed with Zumba. These classes really are an incredible way to get into shape and they're super fun as well. You can even grab a group of girlfriends together and head to a local class. They're usually very affordable and get your heart pumping for sure. My class is in the $5 a class range with no contracts, nothing to force you to come back, and you're able to bring along whoever you want. I would definitely recommend them.

So what are you waiting for??

Go out and get started on creating a healthier you. Today, whether you have ten minutes or an hour, find some time to be active, get your heart pumping, and save cost on some excellent workout ideas.

What are some great ways you workout in the summer for cheap??
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