Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to Have a Joy Filled Marriage // Guest Posting Over at A Silver Twig

Hey Friends! Coming to you on a Thursday (how cool is that?!) I am super excited to announce that I have my very first guest post up on the incredibly gorgeous Ashley's blog A Silver Twig discussing How to Have a Joy Filled Marriage. Here's a little preview for you here. Check the rest out over on her blog. Love ya'll!!
When I first published this post I expected to receive a lot of backlash for it…and I did. I lost nearly 40 followers on Facebook, another 17 on Twitter, and I had 30 people unsubscribe from my bi-weekly newsletter. It’s unfortunate but so it goes. In the blogging world you gain followers and you lose followers. It’s to be expected. What I didn’t expect was to gain two awesome new blogging friends. One of those friends strongly disagreed with me but was very kind, polite, and respectful in her dissent. Another strongly agreed with me and we connected over our similar thoughts and feelings. 
One of those blogger is Danielle from Enjoy this Beautiful Season.  Shortly after we connected I offered Danielle (whom I now completely adore!) the opportunity to guest blog here on A Silver Twig. She readily accepted and she wrote this gorgeous post about how to have a joy-filled marriage just for you. So, get reading and be sure to hop over to her blog and say hello.

I can remember the months leading up to my wedding as not only being a roller coaster of emotion, but also an open sea of public opinion. Friends, family, and even the local grocer simply loved to give me their opinions and advice on marriage. Yippee.
Now, some of it has truly turned into a blessing for our marriage, but for the most part I was given opinions that I never needed to hear. So many people brought up negative thoughts or experiences with almost a “well, good luck with that” kind of tone.
Over the years we have allowed negativity and sour thoughts to invade the beauty that is marriage until it now practically hangs over us like the grim reaper, waiting to devour its next victim. But marriage was never intended to look like that...

Finish Reading the Rest on A Silver Twig

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