Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Not in This Season // Learning to Wait

We've all been through those know the one where the end goal seems ridiculously far away. Or maybe you've heard that call from God, but it is just not time to live in it yet. 

So then what do you do? You wait it out...for like 3 days and then you start to panic. "God, why is this not happening yet? I mean you said this is where my life is going, so what's taking so long??"

And on and on we go as we start to reason with God, bargain with Him, as to when He will deliver on His promises. But all the while we're missing out on the fact that He is saying, "Not in this season." 

I've gotten this answer many-a-times. I'm living in this answer at this very moment in time. And there are definitely days where I am super frustrated by this answer. If He's already given me the vision and we both now know it's going to happen, then why not now?

God has been teaching me alot about the answer to that through my garden. Over the past few months I've been falling in love with raising my garden. It's actually pretty huge now and the first few veggies are just about ready to get picked. But it took me months to get there, to the fresh fruit and vegetables. 

During this time period, it's actually funny, but I've noticed that the vegetables might not grow overnight but the weeds absolutely do. What I have learned through watching this process is that I want my calling to be a vegetable in someone's life, bringing them health and wholeness. I do not want to be a weed.

If I am not giving the proper time to grow in the season I'm living in right now, then I may very well become that weed in people's lives versus the healthy vegetable that God created me to be.

Is this making sense at all?

Basically, if I'm set out into the world to follow the calling or purpose that God has given me in my life without the proper training, then I could very well crash and burn and set alot of people on fire along with me (and not the good kind of fire, if you know what I mean.) 

There is much tending that God is the middle of for my life at the moment that is going to help me in the season of my tomorrow. God's Word says:

"And let us not grow weary while doing good,
for in due season
we shall reap if we do not lose heart."

We need to keep on pressing forward, doing good, and learning to grow so that in due season, we can follow the exact purpose God has called us to. A little while ago I stopped living frustrated with God that I was not in the season I wanted to be, and I started to learn all the ways I could grow in the season I am currently living in. 

And the crazy thing is, I'm learning so much! There are tons of things that are helping me to grow in this moment, that have brought me to realize just how completely unready I am to live in that future season today. I presently am loving this growing phase and have started to soak up as much knowledge as I can from it. I want my life to strive for significance, not simply success. So to be able to do that I need to have patience living where I'm at.

The best part about learning to wait, is truly understanding that God loves me enough to not throw me into the deep end of the pool without a day of swim lessons. He wants me to be prepared so that when my "not in this season" turns into "this is definitely the season," I will not only accomplish my purpose, but I will do it with excellence.

So for now I will stay the course, not losing heart, learning from the opportunities around me, and growing strong into the person God has created me to be. Perfectly while knowing that the season I am praying for is off in that not to distant future.
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