Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Simple Decor Hacks to Beautify Your Apartment // Guest Blogging Over at Danyell Bailey

Hello my lovely friends! I have been having such a blast making new connections in the blog community and writing up posts to share with them. I met the beautiful Danyell in an awesome blogging community and love reading her posts that help my life get seriously organized and ready for success. I have come on board to her blog today to give her great ideas for decor hacks on a budget (since she has recently moved). So here is a preview for ya'll to check out, that you can finish reading over at her blog. Enjoy!

Simple Decor Hacks to Beautify Your Apartment

I am a huge fan of creating beautiful spaces that truly exemplify your personality. For me, I am a Jersey girl born and raised, living about an hour from the shore, so my style is light, bright, airy, and a bit beachy. I love the calm that flows along with ocean waves, with a scent of fresh baked treats in the distance. So that is the full embodiment of my home. 

Although I am completely in love with owning my home, I absolutely remember what apartment living was like and the desire to nest in this space that was ‘mine’, but I didn’t actually own. I honestly believe you can make your apartment (house, condo, etc) a home whether you are there for a short season or the long haul by putting an extra bit of love and design into your space. 

I also really love staying on a simple budget (I mean as best as possible). My husband and I are not made out of money, and although I can seriously fall in love with some high end furniture pieces and Pin away some gorgeous decor, I am constantly looking for a bargain that fits my budget. Sometimes that means going out of my way to do a bit of extra work on a furniture find or becoming creative with where I discover my decorating items. 

So here are some great tips and tricks that have helped me create and beautify my living space on a budget...

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