Monday, August 31, 2015

August Favorites

The Tattered Dragonfly // This incredible vintage store has hand painted and refurbished, one of a kind pieces that I fall in love with daily. It's no wonder I decorated my Master Bedroom with some of their gorgeous decor items. They have brought the perfect simplistic touch of elegance and vintage to my bedroom. I can't wait to see what other trouble I can get myself into in this store!

First // by Lauren Daigle. This song has been wrecking me a little this month ya'll. How many times in my day do I think "me, me, me"? I should never be the number one focus of my day, but I should be placing my God first always and seeking His will for my life. This song is such a precious reminder of what my main priority in life needs to be and I find myself almost waking up in the morning singing it in my head before I am even actually conscious enough to realize I'm awake.

Kelley Nan's Instagram // This beautiful feed is consistently filled with the most gorgeously designed and decorated spaces. I honestly can not get enough from the inspiration I catch daily through my Instagram feed as each of Kelly's photos pop up. Definitely go give her account a look see!

Deva Curl // Shampoo and Conditioner. I've been using this product for a little less than 2 weeks now and I am absolutely already seeing a difference in how my natural waves are coming to life. What I love about the product is that it enhances curls and waves without the extra frizz seen from most products. It keeps my hair sleek and shiny, while still looking natural and I'm loving it.

Ocean City, NJ // Although I barely got out to the beach at all this summer, I'm super excited that I did get to spend a little bit of time in Ocean City. It is a gorgeous little beach town with so much to do and enjoy. I lived down in this area for a few years while I was in school and have missed it alot over the years, so it's always nice to make a day trip with some great friends in the summer time.

Emily P. Freeman's Blog // Is all about giving your soul the space it needs to breath and I have been truly needing this in major ways this month. I can not wait to pick up her new book, Simply Tuesday, so I can float through the vast sea of relaxation that her words transfer on to each page. If your every day busy life is weighing you down, then you need to go check her out.

Bachelor in Paradise // Ok, it's guilty pleasure admitting time....but yes I am completely obsessed with this show right now. I am in love with all things Bachelor Nation, and having the opportunity to see some old favorites get back together and try to find love, truly grabs my attention. I know it's sad, but we all have those guilty pleasures, right??

I can not believe the summer is just about over. Where did it go?? I feel like it only just started. I'm seriously sad to say goodbye. What things did you love about the summer and what were some of your favorites from August?


Friday, August 28, 2015

Monthly Happenings with an Exciting Surprise

Hi Friends! I wanted to take this lovely Friday to tell you all some details about life in our home, how the past month has been treating us, as well as link up with the incredibly fabulous Jenna from Gold and Bloom. So here is what has been going on throughout the month of August!

This month has been crazy busy for sure. Whoever said the summer was relaxing, didn't understand summer in our home. August started out with the exciting return of my hubby after a full month of being apart. It was definitely a bit of a struggle without him and I was beyond thrilled for the day he came home. 

For me, August 1st always means one thing....the start of our cheerleading season! This is my sixth year coaching and I love my girls like crazy. They are all beautifully strong women who will attempt any challenge you place in front of them. They work hard and get better and better with each passing season. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us all.

August is also the time for my church's summer conference Invade, where we celebrate the power of God every single Sunday night through the entire month. It is a blast to get organized and to participate in. We've had some incredible speakers come to our house all month long and I am jumping out of my seat excited to see the phenomenal Pastor Carl Lentz from Hillsong NYC preach at our last night of the conference this Sunday. (So if you're in the area, come on out!) It's going to be a life changing night!

Aside from all of these fun and exciting activities, I also really love to spend time involved in my local community. This month I was able to organize my church's annual summer backpack drive, where we donated over 65 backpacks into our surrounding neighborhood, to families who couldn't afford them otherwise. I also love taking weekly trips to a local shelter where I can spend some time with the guys using the facility, make them some pancakes, and help out where I'm needed. I personally receive so much from everyone there, that it brightens my week and my spirit. It's a blast.

There were no real trips or travels this month, but we are starting an exciting new journey. So about that surprise I promised ya'll in my last post, well the exiting news is that my husband and I have invited an exchange student into our home for the next whole year. She is a beautiful and wonderful young woman from the country of China and we have been spending the past week just getting to know her and learning so much about her culture. We have already had some incredible conversations and we know this is shaping up to be one amazing year! I will definitely be keeping you all posted about our journey and how becoming parents of a teenager, is developing our lives.

I'm sad to see the summer season come to a close, but I have to say, I am excited for all that fall is promising to bring!

Now let me know how your month as gone! Any ups and downs? The general happenings of life? I would love to hear all about it!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Beautify My Bedroom, Part 4 // The Reveal

Wow! I can't believe that this month is about to come to a close! Where did the summer go?? I've had so much fun bringing you home decor series all summer long and I truly hope they have inspired you to create a beautiful space that you love, that embodies your personality, and helps your house feel more like a home. 

So here is the final post for this series, Part 4: The Reveal

Now I know that last week I had mentioned making the theme for this week, more decor, but I have to be totally honest and say that the pieces I was looking for in my brain, I just was not able to find. I would have loved to bring you more incredible pictures of fantastic finds, but with the crazy week we had on top of not finding what I was looking for, I had to settle with just one new purchase. 

Tip: If you are not loving the selection, or an item is not in your budget, do not force a purchase just to fill a space. Take your time and wait for or save up for what you really want.

Now, remember when the room looked like this? All closed off and no real style.

It was super dark, super cave like, with no real sign of light or airy. Well we have finally changed all that. Please enjoy the rest of the photos as my grand reveal for our new, beautiful bedroom!

That gorgeous cream colored, fluffy blanket was the newest addition by the way from the fantastic Home Goods. It is so super snugly and will be perfect to lay under and read as the months begin to turn colder. I am beyond in love with how this space turned out, and although I know I will be adding a few more decor pieces over the next month or so to give a little more life to the walls, I still find complete tranquility being in this room! 

I really did love taking you all on the journey that was creating a beautiful new master bedroom space. I hope that each tip really brought some creative and fun ideas to you so that you are able to make your home reflect you. Our bedroom transformation left us with a stunning but simple space that we can now walk in, take a deep breath, and know that we are home.

You may have also asked, "Danielle, why was your week so entirely crazy??" And I would love to tell you all about it. So come back this Friday to find out about the recent happenings around our home and our exciting news that is going to lead to a very interesting year!

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Monday, August 24, 2015

A Season of Restoration

I would like to say for someone my age, I have been through a lot in my life. There are many experiences (some great and many others, not so great) that have truly defined me, shaped who I am, and built the platform that I stand on today. 

But I can absolutely say, that the platform I speak of has been a never ceasing, wobbly experience for as long as I can remember. The ups and downs have helped develop it, and that is not always a good thing. It has taught me to stand on insecurity instead of the Word of God, for far too long.

Have you ever felt called to something? And you know that you know, that you were created to be fully engaged in that calling, but then you are knocked down in life and your whole outlook changes. The enemy takes your knocked down state and twists it from being a lesson God is trying to teach you, to turning that into a insecurity of what you can't do, and who you aren't created to be.

The enemy has done this in my life over and over again and for the longest time, I let that insecurity be the platform that I wobble on instead of the rock that keeps me standing firm and strong. God is my rock and my peace (2 Samuel 22:3) and it is on Him alone, that I must learn to stand.

Now, you must be thinking to yourself, "Danielle, what the heck are you talking about?" Let me explain it a little better through my actual experience.

God has given me a voice. And not just any voice, but a loud one that can shape opinions and help build dreams. I felt that from a very young age but as a child I used my gifting, as a child. I spoke loudly, down to people. I spoke fiercely, about other people. I spoke swiftly, without any real knowledge. And as a child, I got whacked off of that pedestal really fast.  

God, I know now, was simply trying to teach me a lesson. Help me to understand that I was using my gifting wrong. But that disgusting enemy....he got straight up into my ear and whispered every nasty thing about who I was not and will never be. So I became reclusive. I stopped talking in large groups (and to be honest, alot in private groups as well) and the things that started to come out of my mouth were things I knew people wanted to hear. 

The enemy used my lesson from God and turned me into a people pleaser instead. And when I made someone mad (even for the right reasons) I felt sick to myself inside. I had "ruined" another relationship. I was a failure. And I should just quit saying and doing all things because all I ever do if make people hate me. (An obviously over dramafied statement, but very truly how I have felt at times.) 

But God is a redeemer....not just that, He is MY redeemer. And several months ago, He started piecing together a multitude of shattered sections of my heart. He took the overwhelming insecurity that had rendered me unworthy and ill equipped, and He started to write His truths on my heart.

This blog, has been a long time story of my redemption from the stolen voice the enemy crawled off with in the night. It is not the enemy's. It is mine, given to me by my creator. But I have still felt a lacking in that confidence.

Last night we had incredible church service where our senior pastor explained that there is a difference between redemption and restoration. And it hit me all at once, that restoration is the last piece of the puzzle that I have been missing. God may have redeemed my voice and forgiven me from my childish ways, but I was never allowing Him to restore me as I clung to the deep seeded insecurity that filtered throughout my system. 

During our service I closed my eyes, and sent up a prayer to Jesus, "I am no longer allowing fear and insecurity to hold me back. God, restore my heart." 

And I very clearly heard Him whisper back to me, "Do not be afraid to speak any longer. I have given you your voice. It is a gift. You were stripped of it as a child because you used your words wrong. Now use your voice for me. I gave it to you for my glory." 

My pastor then began to speak and to sing, "It is your name above every other name, Jesus. There are some people in this room who have lost their voice, but you are restoring their voice to them tonight." And my heart wept with joy and extreme gladness. He hears me and answers every prayer in my heart. Peace washed over me. 

I will no longer be afraid to speak the words He has given me. To share life with others and bring them joy with the voice He has given me.

What are the things the enemy has stolen from you, that God is trying to bring restoration to today? Allow Him into your heart, to restore those broken pieces and say goodbye to fear!

Friday, August 21, 2015

DIY Wreath and Vintage Window Pane

So if you happened to be wondering around the blog a few days ago, you saw this little wreath and window babe mentioned in my Beautify My Bedroom series. I had so much fun creating it and wanted to share with ya'll exactly how this new love came to be!

As I had mentioned in my last post, I was recently on the hunt for a somewhat thin, twig style, reed like wreath. (Wow, that was a lot of strange adjectives!) But all the same, very much the truth. And to my deep surprise, I found a whole lot of nothing. 

So I went into the absolute best store for some premium silk flowers, Michaels, and purchased two of the longer reed like fall bushes and a smaller cream flower and cotton bouquet. Then I grabbed the Panacea green floral wire and a beautiful cream colored ribbon for hanging. Like I said before, I love shopping at Michaels because the quality of their floral department is outstanding and they almost always have incredible sales. So all in all, the supplies really were not that expensive one bit.  

The next thing you want to make sure you have at home is a good pair of wire cutters. The silk flowers always have a stem made of wire, so cutting them off of the bouquet is the easiest with one of these little guys.

Once you have cut the stem of the piece you are looking to work with, you are going to thread the end of the stem into the sticks. It's important to make sure that when you are cutting, you leave a decent amount at the end for weaving. I would say maybe an inch or so.

Once you have placed your piece in the desired location, you are going to cut off about 2 - 2 1/2 inches of the flower wire. Now I bought the green version of the wire and I thought I was truly going to hate it cause it was not the color of the stick wreath. However, if you strategically place it behind some of the baby flower sections, it is hardly noticeable at all. 

This wire is the very best to use because it is extremely bendy and flexible and will work with you as you create your wreath. So all you have to do is go under maybe two or three sticks on one side, then come up on the other side. You are then going to pinch and twist the wire around the sticks, with the flower stem included in that little bundle. Once you finish doing one twist, you can tuck the extra wire back into the wreath itself to hide it.

Make sure you are enjoying the placement of each stem before you loop them in with the wire. There were multiple times where I would place something but end up shifting it to get the effect I was searching for. 

I was really enjoying the different reeds forming around the wreath, but also loved the look of having the occasional ones twisted to point off of the wreath. It gave it a more dynamic design that was put together but also more natural appearing as well. 

Next I added in the flower arrangement. I also cut the flower stems about an inch from the flower and weaved them into the sticks. For this particular wreath, I chose to group them all up in the bottom right corner, to create the effect of a mini bouquet within the wreath. I also placed one extra flower and a round of cotton in the top left corner to give it a nice contrast. 

The final piece of creating this gorgeous wreath needed is to add the ribbon to the top. I went with this crocheted lace style ribbon and fell in love. The measurement for this is honestly going to depend on the size of window that you are using. You want the wreath to hang somewhere in the middle area, so measure your ribbon accordingly. You can finish off the top of the ribbon with either a knot or bow, whichever your preference may be.

This window is super sentimental to us because we used it as our seating chart at our wedding, so I knew I wanted to use it as decor somewhere within our home. Adding this wreath really gave it new life and we were able to happily hang it over our bed!

I truly hope you enjoyed learning how to create your own ornamental wreath and vintage window pane decor piece. It was so much fun working on it and really only took me about an hour to fully put together and hang. It is a super fun and dynamic way to add character to a space without your traditional photos or paintings and I am loving waking up to it each morning. 

Do you have any fun DIYs that have helped to liven up your space? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Beautify My Bedroom, Part 3 // The Decor

So it is finally my favorite day with the Beautify My Bedroom series, and that is picking out some favorite decor pieces and organizing their flow to give you the perfect space. Now, I am really a decor fanatic. I could literally spend hours in stores like Home Goods, vintage shops, anywhere that I can find inspiration to beautify a room.

So I am going to share with ya'll some of my favorite decor finds with Part 3 of this series: The Decor

The very first piece that I was super excited about placing in this space is the antique window frame we used for our wedding seating chart. I have been searching to find the perfect home for this little love bug for over a year now and was completely inspired by a Magnolia Homes remodel I saw Joanna Gaines complete this season. (At least I think it was from this season)

Anyway, I saw the antique window placed over a couple's bed with a gorgeous rustic country style wreath over it. I honestly then went to a ton of stores to find this vision in my head of a petite wreath with a few flowers but mostly little reed type things. The problem with having a pre-made picture in your head, is that translating that into an actual product can sometimes be a challenge.

Needless to say, I could not find the wreath that lived in my head. So I made it instead!! (Look at me rhyming!) 

Tip: When the stores just do not have what you are looking for, take a few minutes to learn how to make the product, so that you acquire exactly that you are searching for.

This lovely decor piece was fairly simple to make and only took me about an hour or so. Wanna know how?? Then come back this Friday, where I will be posting all of the deets to this gorgeous piece! 

My next decor piece was this fantastic tray I purchased from The Tattered Dragonfly. I seriously fell in love instantly. It was the perfect size, color, style, everything. And I had to have it. This tray coupled with these vintage books passed down to me from my grandpa and this brand new flower vase from Home Goods, organized the perfect bed accent that I am loving far beyond words right now.

Tip: Coupling together old and new pieces can give you that vintage look with a modern twist.

If you are interested in purchasing vintage classics, then head out to your local antique or consignment shop. These stores are usually a vault of perfect little treasures, just like the antique books seen here.

Next on the list...bed side lamps! As you can see from the photo above and below, I tried very hard to stick with the lighter wood color tone throughout the room. That concept was apart of the romantic feel I was going for in this space and I love how it helped tie the room together. 

The lamps I purchased for our room were the same colors but different shapes to allow a bit of definition in our space. I grabbed these beauties from Target, in their mix and match section. This way I could pick out the base and the lamp shade that I wanted.

Tip: Keeping a few flowing colors, even in your wood tones, will help the room not look super pieced together and give it a more cohesive feel.

Speaking of cohesive feel, one of my flowing colors in this space is gold, and what a beauty this fantastic gold mosaic from Pier1 Imports is. It was honestly the very first decor item I purchased for this space because it was too magnificent to pass up. The beautiful flowers are from Kirklands and were an incredible price for the quality. 

Tip: Sale Shop!! I'm not even sure if this is a real tip or not lol but it's super true. I was able to get the vase and flowers on sale which was a steal for my budget!

And speaking of sales, Home Goods had this lovely basket on sale (under $10) that I've decided to use as our upstairs waste basket. It's simple, matches our hamper, and can be nestled away under our vanity for space. We don't throw away much in our bedroom, so something small and easy to catch tags off of new clothes every now and then is perfect. 

Tip: Don't buy big and bulky if it is not needed. Something small that tucks away will leave you more space and appear less cluttered. 

You don't always have to buy new when redecorating. I've had this photo frame quite literally for years. I popped in a new photo of Josh and I from the day we got engaged and had a perfectly beautiful accent piece in our room.

Now on to keeping time! This fun, vintage style clock from The Tattered Dragonfly made me swoon immediately. Again, the wood tone stayed within the family I was trying to marry together for this space and the neutral style made the area as a whole, less girly and more couple friendly.  

Tip: When searching out wall decor, finding decorative pieces that are not the every day photo or wall art, can add another layer of texture to the space and give a bit more of a dynamic feel.

And my final piece for the week was this fabulous vintage photo frame I purchased in an antique shop in North Carolina. It has literally been sitting on the floor of my room for nearly a year while I fiddle with ideas of what to place in it. But it finally hit me that I'm in love with the frame itself, and don't particularly need something inside of it to showcase its beauty. So it went up on the wall as is.

Tip: (And this follows along with the last tip) Be interesting with your decor choices instead of traditional. This will not only showcase your personal style, but also add a new layer of energy to the space that is delightful to the eye.

As always, it's been a blast shopping for and organizing this space. I can't believe we are already three weeks into this series. My bedroom is almost complete and I am loving how it is coming together. I was literally singing to myself in excitement as each piece was being hung or placed into its nook. However, there are definitely more decor pieces needed to complete the full feel of this room. So stay tuned for next week when we go through Part 4 of this series, More Decor!

As always, don't forget to continue following the Beautify My Bedroom series every week during the month of August. You do not want to miss the big reveal coming at the end of the month!

Where are your favorite places to shop for Home Decor pieces?

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Buying Your First Home // Expectations Vs Reality (& Giveaway!!)

The home buying process can be a somewhat daunting and overwhelming task for the first time purchaser. There are a plethora of pieces to this puzzle that we deem the home buying experience and if you are not sure what you should be searching for, you very well may stumble along the way.

Now we all dream of that perfect house, with the exact amount of needed bedrooms, in just the right neighborhood, with every bell and whistle required for daily living. However, sadly this is not the case and can seriously exhaust you if you continue down the path of rigidity within your 'Must Have' List. So here are some great tips if you find yourself in the middle of the home buying process or perhaps know this is where you life is headed in the near future.

So I already touched upon this early on, but an exhaustive 'Must Have' list may leave you short or possibly even searching for years.

Expectation: You will find every lat item on your list, in the perfect neighborhood, for the perfect price.

Reality: There is a slim chance you will hit every single detail on your list, neighborhood, price, the whole shebang.

Your best word for this home buying experience is going to be this....Compromise. I know that so many people do not want to hear it, but need to understand that compromising on some of the 'Must Haves' is absolutely key to settling in a new home. Our culture has taught us that we can have it our way and receive it in a minute or less, but that is just not the case, as your searching the listings. It's going to take time and compromise.

My best piece of advice is to redesign your list, reeeeally make a list of things you absolutely CAN NOT like without, and then try to fulfill those. Safe neighborhood, must have! Granite counter-tops, not really a must have.

In building off of this expectation, also realize that cosmetics can always be changed along the way.

Expectation: The new house must have every cosmetic touch you are searching for, if you are going to purchase it.

Reality: Seeing the home for the potential that it has, not only helps you to not miss a gem that you are standing in, but also allows you to customize it as time goes on. 

Say the home you are touring is in a great school district, has the perfect amount of space, but no granite. This is not a deal breaker. If you can look at that home for the potential it is encompassing, then it'll be easy to move in, and then purchase new granite counter-tops later on (the ones you actually appreciate). And remember, there's nothing worse than seeing a house that has those expensive upgrades, and then you don't even like what the previous owner picked. This allows you to customize to whatever it is you are looking for.

Next, it is so important to remember that just because you were approved for a specific loan does not mean that it is in your budget.

Expectation: You were approved for a loan of X, so you can purchase a home for that amount.

Reality: If you purchase a home with your loan approval money, but it is not actually in your budget, you will bankrupt yourself or become house poor.

Thank you Jesus for my incredible husband, because he taught me such an important financial lesson in our home buying search. When the bank approves you for a loan, they are simply letting you know that, due to your credit score and income, X is the amount of money they trust you with as a loan.

The kicker is, if you have extremely great credit and make a decent living that number will only grow to an outlandish amount. The very best thing that you can do for yourself, is to sit down and budget what you wish to spend monthly. Make a cap to that limit. Then do the math for over a 30 year period to see what the highest you're going to want to spend on a home actually is. Now that number could easily change when you switch towns (thus changing your tax levels) so always be sure to recalculate, with the taxes included, in each town. 

By making sure you follow your monthly budget for payments, instead of the loan amount approved, you will save yourself from becoming extremely house poor after the purchase is complete.

When searching for your first home it is always important to remember that a first home is rarely a forever home.

Expectation: You need to get everything on your list when you are searching so that you never have to move.

Reality: You will most likely move multiple times throughout life, so don't over stress if this is not where you are going to be forever.

Josh and I chose to buy a home instead of rent when we got married, so that we could create some equity and invest our money into a space. This is not our forever home, and we pretty much knew that going into the process. So we were able to make some adjustments in our minds for our expectations right off the bat.

First and foremost, we purchased a home that is not in the best school district. But since we are newlyweds without any children, for our first home, that didn't really matter. It also allowed us to purchase in a lower tax area, therefore saving us money each month on what we had originally planned out for our monthly budget. Finally, a ten year investment into this home, plus our savings from lower taxes, will allow us the finances to go all in on our forever home. Compromising on an area for a specific amount of time, can help invest into your future down the line.

Finally, always remember that creating a home is a process.

Expectation: Things will be move in ready, you'll unpack the first week, and have your house warming party by that weekend.

Reality: It could take you months, even years to create the perfect home. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

I love being able to show pictures of our home design process, but what is super important to realize is that we purchased this home two years ago. These spaces and pictures did not come together over night. They where a loooong process. Take your time, learn your style, and add little touches as you go. No one's expecting your home to be perfect from day 1. Enjoy the journey. And seriously, take pictures along the way. It'll help you realize how far you've come in the end. 

I truly hope some of these tips were helpful for you in your home buying experience. Remember, at the end of the day, a house is a home because of the love that resides inside of it, not the color of the counters. When you enjoy the process of purchasing, it makes you fall in love with the space you are creating that much more!

Are there any tips that you have found from being a first time home buyer that others could find useful?

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Links I'm Loving // Great Weekend Reads (& Giveaway!)

Hi friends! I love being able to introduce ya'll to some incredible bloggers and great posts I've read recently and have been simply loving. So grab a delicious cup of your choice and enjoy these posts throughout your weekend!

Take me to church // by Hannah Brencher. This beautifully eloquent post reminds me of who I've been called by and what I've been called for. I'm in love!

Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Bites // by A Savory Feast. Jenna always has incredible recipes and these little babes are my jam right here. I plan on making them this weekend!

The Office Reveal of the Century // by Addison's Wonderland. I am completely in love with Brittany's designs and all of her gorgeous ideas. This incredible office is beyond beautiful and has given me some wonderful ideas for my upcoming makeover!

Celebrating the Return of Football Season with a Summer Fiesta // by A Silver Twig. Ashley is combining two of my absolute favorites here....Mexican Food & Football! Nachos are an absolute fav and this post leads you to some incredible vegetarian eats with Old El Paso. Yuuuum!

Grateful Heart (And a Giveaway) // by Heavens to Betsy. Betsy let us all into her heart last week with what has been going on with her dad recently. This posts talks about some answered prayers and has a super fun giveaway to boot. I mean, who doesn't love to stay organized!

And just in case you missed it, I'm doing a loop giveaway on Instagram. If you want a chance to win $500 to your choice of Pottery Barn or West Elm then click HERE and follow the instructions! 
Have a Fantastic Weekend!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Beautify My Bedroom, Part 2 // Large Accents

So it's the second week of my awesome new series, Beautify My Bedroom, and I am really excited to show you how to add some fun, large accents into your space to give it the feel you're desiring. I've been having an absolute blast putting together each piece of the room and couldn't be happier with the results as they are right now. 

So here we go with Part 2 of this series: Large Accents

This is how we left everything off last week, with the walls freshly painted and bare. After having the paint finished for well over a week now, I can honestly say that I am loving the color and I'm super pleased with the brightness it adds to the room.

In the room as it used to stand (here) we never had put up curtains and I always felt that the space was lacking that character. So curtains was one of the very first things I wanted to add. Now, picking out curtains can be a bit of an overwhelming task. My best advice is to decided on the feel that you want for the room in your overall vision. 

What do you want the room to communicate?

Tip: Creating a vision board of what you would like the overall room to accomplish and feel like, will wildly assist your vision.

For me, I wanted our room to be romantic, light, and airy. Like a fresh breeze off of the sparkling Gulf of Mexico. So how do I translate that into curtains? This feeling meant only one thing to me...sheers. So my hubby and I headed off to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to find the perfect sheer linen curtains and I simply fell in love with these!

The lace detail of these curtains gave the perfect amount of a romantic feel, without being too overpowering for Josh, and their softness and light weight allow them to flow delightfully in the breeze while the windows are open. They are truly the perfect essence of the design I was looking to create in this room.

Tip: When choosing bedroom curtains, let them follow your design without being overly girly. No man wants to sleep in a frill factory.

Tip: When picking out curtains, consult your husband for his opinion, that way if he says he doesn't care, then he can't complain later. (Plus my hubby actually pointed these ones out in the store...Score!)

Once we had the perfect curtains chosen, we headed over to Home Depot for a curtain rod. Not that they didn't have cute curtain robs at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I'm just a little particular and was looking for something specific.

Tip: If they don't have exactly what you are looking for at one store, shop around a bit in other places. You don't have to settle just because you are already in one location.

I absolutely love the design in this particular curtain rod. The darkness pops off of the wall but the light vintage ceramic round at the end, blends to the feel of the room beautifully. These are even the curtain rods we have on the main level, so by sticking with the one, it lends to giving the whole home a cohesive feel.

Next we fastened these around 5 inches off of our ceiling, not on the windows themselves.

Tip: By elevating the curtains above the window and allowing the drapes to fall from the ceiling to the floor, you elongate the window and give the appearance of a bigger space. 

I am truly in love with how soft and airy these curtains turned out to be, once hung!

After having the curtains in place, the next priority was an area rug. I've explained before how these are particularly important to us because we have a somewhat handicapped dog who does much better on carpet then on hardwood. But this also highlights the wood floor, keeps it from being seriously scratched by your furniture, and allows for some comfort under your toes.

We purchased this particular rug from Home Depot where they not only have an incredible selection, but they have some really affordable prices for area rugs as well. I want to say this large rug only costed us around $150 (which is an absolute steal)! 

I also really love how the rug accents the bedding without clashing horribly.

Tip: When choosing your accent rug, keep things like bedding in mind. If you have loud or over powering bedding, you do not want to have a warring rug.

Honestly, alot of the room is muted due to the fact that the bedding is fairly patterned. If you have multiple loud pieces the room will feel hectic and overbearing. But if you choose one piece to be dominate, all the others will simply highlight. 

And I am simply in love with our bedding pattern!

The next large accent pieces we added were our night stands, which I showed you how to create yourself in a DIY here. I searched forever for affordable, high and thin, night stands to anchor our bed and found a whole lot of nothing along the way. So, while antiquing, I acquired two sides of what used to be one large vanity. I fixed them up and now they highlight our bed beautifully. They are the perfect height and width for what we needed in this space.

Tip: Can't find what you're looking for? Make it yourself! There are some amazing finds in antique stores, thrift shops, and yard sales that, after some TLC, look fantastic!

Our final large accent that decorates our room is this gorgeous, wicker and banana leaf hamper we acquired at Target. This, yet again, flows with our beachy, romantic, Gulf of Mexico vibe that I've been trying to incorporate throughout our room. The natural materials give it the perfect pop of warmth that this cool toned room needs so that it doesn't begin to get completely washed out. 

Tip: If you do not want a completely washed out room but also are not looking for a thousand contrasting colors, use natural materials to give you pops of life and color, that won't overpower the space.

Well, that's it for Part 2 of Beautify My Bedroom. It was so much fun adding the large accent pieces to this room that really highlight the space and start to bring it to life. Your large accents are not only fun to pick out, but they are pieces that start to make the room feel like a comfortable part of your home again. I truly hope some of these tips and tricks have helped you in your designing ideas.

Stay tuned for next week where the focus will be on decorating! I have a ton of beautiful finds that I have been collecting all summer to dazzle this space up. And don't forget to follow the Beautify My Bedroom series for more tips and tricks brought to you every week throughout the month of August!

Do you have a room you are fixing up at the moment? What are you favorite large accents pieces in your space?

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