Monday, August 31, 2015

August Favorites

The Tattered Dragonfly // This incredible vintage store has hand painted and refurbished, one of a kind pieces that I fall in love with daily. It's no wonder I decorated my Master Bedroom with some of their gorgeous decor items. They have brought the perfect simplistic touch of elegance and vintage to my bedroom. I can't wait to see what other trouble I can get myself into in this store!

First // by Lauren Daigle. This song has been wrecking me a little this month ya'll. How many times in my day do I think "me, me, me"? I should never be the number one focus of my day, but I should be placing my God first always and seeking His will for my life. This song is such a precious reminder of what my main priority in life needs to be and I find myself almost waking up in the morning singing it in my head before I am even actually conscious enough to realize I'm awake.

Kelley Nan's Instagram // This beautiful feed is consistently filled with the most gorgeously designed and decorated spaces. I honestly can not get enough from the inspiration I catch daily through my Instagram feed as each of Kelly's photos pop up. Definitely go give her account a look see!

Deva Curl // Shampoo and Conditioner. I've been using this product for a little less than 2 weeks now and I am absolutely already seeing a difference in how my natural waves are coming to life. What I love about the product is that it enhances curls and waves without the extra frizz seen from most products. It keeps my hair sleek and shiny, while still looking natural and I'm loving it.

Ocean City, NJ // Although I barely got out to the beach at all this summer, I'm super excited that I did get to spend a little bit of time in Ocean City. It is a gorgeous little beach town with so much to do and enjoy. I lived down in this area for a few years while I was in school and have missed it alot over the years, so it's always nice to make a day trip with some great friends in the summer time.

Emily P. Freeman's Blog // Is all about giving your soul the space it needs to breath and I have been truly needing this in major ways this month. I can not wait to pick up her new book, Simply Tuesday, so I can float through the vast sea of relaxation that her words transfer on to each page. If your every day busy life is weighing you down, then you need to go check her out.

Bachelor in Paradise // Ok, it's guilty pleasure admitting time....but yes I am completely obsessed with this show right now. I am in love with all things Bachelor Nation, and having the opportunity to see some old favorites get back together and try to find love, truly grabs my attention. I know it's sad, but we all have those guilty pleasures, right??

I can not believe the summer is just about over. Where did it go?? I feel like it only just started. I'm seriously sad to say goodbye. What things did you love about the summer and what were some of your favorites from August?

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