Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Beautify My Bedroom, Part 1 // Picking the Paint Color

Hi Friends! I'm so incredibly excited to start my new series with ya'll right here called, Beautify My Bedroom. One of my great passions in life is to renovate, decorate, and beautify a space. On my last series, Creating a Beautiful Home You Love, I showcased our home's Dining Room, Living Room, Stairwell, and began with the before of our Master Bedroom.

I love being able to bring you all of my tips and tricks that I've learned and used while creating those spaces and I'm thrilled to venture with you on this new journey of updating our Master Bedroom.

So here is Part 1 of this new series: Picking the Paint Color

This is the Master Bedroom as it started...

When I last left ya'll, here, I was very much stuck in the middle of a hunt for the perfect shade of light gray. I wanted something extremely soft, light, and airy. What I've learned from this experience is that light gray is anything but a simple tone to achieve. I went to multiple stores and compared a vast array of color swatches. They were all either too dark, too silvery, too bluish, too purplish, and even too tan. (I didn't even know you could have a tanish gray color, but it's true). 

This was my first bought of throwing up samples on the wall to compare.

And honestly, none of these colors were doing it for me. They were all just a little off. Now, while these samples were not bank breaking expensive, when it comes to sifting through hundreds of grays, you don't want to be purchasing sample after sample. The cost will start to add.

Tip: (Money Saver) When trying to decide the perfect paint color, grab multiple paper card samples, tape them together into a larger square, and place them up on the wall next to each other to compare.

I know it may seem a little silly to be taping the card samples to the wall, but it seriously helped us out so much. We were able to look at and compare all of the colors and it helped us to decide on the perfect gray shade we loved. 

Another reason we went with the paper swatches on the wall was because we decided to go with Sherwin WIlliams for our paint. Now as you can very clearly see from the picture below, the "sample" from Sherwin Williams was about twice the size as the one from Home Depot (and about twice the cost as well). So we wanted to be super sure that we were not wasting our money on yet another paint sample.

The card swatches truly did help though and once we picked up this sample and brushed it onto our walls, I was instantly in love with it's light and airy presence. It brought to me both calmness and serenity, the two most important features for our master. 

Tip: Even if you think yourself to be 99% positive that you love a particular paper square you have on the wall, purchase the sample anyway for that last percent. It is completely worth it.

Next came the actual painting process, so let me tell you what I learned from it all. First, I learned that Sherwin Williams Paints are extremely fantastic products. This was a revelation for two reasons. Reason one being, that I had never worked with their products before and fell in love immediately with the quality. But reason two (and this one is the gut kicker) their products are so good, I didn't even need to prime the walls!

This idea was literally insane to me since the original blue on the walls was so dark, I automatically assumed I would need to I did. I got every space primed except for the area right behind the bed and when I started painting and finally pulled the wall off the bed, I used the paint as is on the blur wall. And it completely covered up the blue with no primer needed. I was seriously dumbfounded.

Tip: When using Sherwin Williams Paints, no primer needed apparently!

That is truly going to save you so much time and stress. I know better for next time.

Tip: Sherwin Williams Paints, while on the more expensive side, do have great sales that drop the prices down a ton. So just hold out for a sale date.

Paint Color: #7661 Reflection

Now we come to the finishing touches on the paint work, the trim. And let me tell you, after wasting countless hours on our downstairs floor taping up every inch of space, I was beyond determined to find an easier way to accomplish this task. So I bought this kitchy little gimmick. 

It is a baby roller with a metal edge to place up against the trim and follow it around the border of the room.

Tip: Don't waste your money on this product! It was almost more effort and time then the tape.

I also tried a flat paint trimmer that sort of glides up and down the wall, but that didn't seem to get a solid amount of paint on the wall either. The best suggestion I received was from my incredible hubby. He said to place a spackling spatula along the trim and paint on the line of it. Brilliant! Cheap and easy.

Tip: Using a spatula to paint your trim will save you time and money without the crazy hassle of a gimmicky product. This was super quick and easy. 

Now remember that rather large paint sample we purchased a few pictures up? Well the great thing about Sherwin Williams samples is that they come with a handle and the larger bucket was actually extremely handy when it came to completing all of the trim work.

So here is the room all painted up! The new color honestly makes the room feel twice as big when you are standing in it and I am thrilled with the beauty of the paint. It's a very sweet light gray that opens the space and brings openness into the room, taking away that cave like feeling. 

I mentioned during my last post that, while I thought the original blue of the room was a beautiful color, having a dark paint with dark furniture made the space feel ultra tiny and closed in. This new light gray paint helps to bring balance into this space.

I know the furniture is a bit wonky in the photos but that was due to my indecision on where to place everything. Living in a historical home, you have to get creative. The walls have weird angles, the floors are slightly uneven, and there are radiators everywhere. Hopefully I can come up with a fun new arrangement for next week's post.

And speaking of next week's post...I truly hope you come back to check out how big accents, such as an area rug, curtains, etc, can really add character to a space. Come see what items are chosen to make the area even more serene and relaxing, brought to you every Monday throughout the month of August!

I also just wanted to put it out there, that this post was in no way a pitch for Sherwin Williams and they are not paying me to compliment them the way that I did (however, Mr. Williams if you're reading this, I would never say no to working with you). I just truly love their products and will be using them again!

Have you been renovating a room recently? What tips do you have for brightening up and opening a closed in space?
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