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Beautify My Bedroom, Part 2 // Large Accents

So it's the second week of my awesome new series, Beautify My Bedroom, and I am really excited to show you how to add some fun, large accents into your space to give it the feel you're desiring. I've been having an absolute blast putting together each piece of the room and couldn't be happier with the results as they are right now. 

So here we go with Part 2 of this series: Large Accents

This is how we left everything off last week, with the walls freshly painted and bare. After having the paint finished for well over a week now, I can honestly say that I am loving the color and I'm super pleased with the brightness it adds to the room.

In the room as it used to stand (here) we never had put up curtains and I always felt that the space was lacking that character. So curtains was one of the very first things I wanted to add. Now, picking out curtains can be a bit of an overwhelming task. My best advice is to decided on the feel that you want for the room in your overall vision. 

What do you want the room to communicate?

Tip: Creating a vision board of what you would like the overall room to accomplish and feel like, will wildly assist your vision.

For me, I wanted our room to be romantic, light, and airy. Like a fresh breeze off of the sparkling Gulf of Mexico. So how do I translate that into curtains? This feeling meant only one thing to me...sheers. So my hubby and I headed off to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to find the perfect sheer linen curtains and I simply fell in love with these!

The lace detail of these curtains gave the perfect amount of a romantic feel, without being too overpowering for Josh, and their softness and light weight allow them to flow delightfully in the breeze while the windows are open. They are truly the perfect essence of the design I was looking to create in this room.

Tip: When choosing bedroom curtains, let them follow your design without being overly girly. No man wants to sleep in a frill factory.

Tip: When picking out curtains, consult your husband for his opinion, that way if he says he doesn't care, then he can't complain later. (Plus my hubby actually pointed these ones out in the store...Score!)

Once we had the perfect curtains chosen, we headed over to Home Depot for a curtain rod. Not that they didn't have cute curtain robs at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I'm just a little particular and was looking for something specific.

Tip: If they don't have exactly what you are looking for at one store, shop around a bit in other places. You don't have to settle just because you are already in one location.

I absolutely love the design in this particular curtain rod. The darkness pops off of the wall but the light vintage ceramic round at the end, blends to the feel of the room beautifully. These are even the curtain rods we have on the main level, so by sticking with the one, it lends to giving the whole home a cohesive feel.

Next we fastened these around 5 inches off of our ceiling, not on the windows themselves.

Tip: By elevating the curtains above the window and allowing the drapes to fall from the ceiling to the floor, you elongate the window and give the appearance of a bigger space. 

I am truly in love with how soft and airy these curtains turned out to be, once hung!

After having the curtains in place, the next priority was an area rug. I've explained before how these are particularly important to us because we have a somewhat handicapped dog who does much better on carpet then on hardwood. But this also highlights the wood floor, keeps it from being seriously scratched by your furniture, and allows for some comfort under your toes.

We purchased this particular rug from Home Depot where they not only have an incredible selection, but they have some really affordable prices for area rugs as well. I want to say this large rug only costed us around $150 (which is an absolute steal)! 

I also really love how the rug accents the bedding without clashing horribly.

Tip: When choosing your accent rug, keep things like bedding in mind. If you have loud or over powering bedding, you do not want to have a warring rug.

Honestly, alot of the room is muted due to the fact that the bedding is fairly patterned. If you have multiple loud pieces the room will feel hectic and overbearing. But if you choose one piece to be dominate, all the others will simply highlight. 

And I am simply in love with our bedding pattern!

The next large accent pieces we added were our night stands, which I showed you how to create yourself in a DIY here. I searched forever for affordable, high and thin, night stands to anchor our bed and found a whole lot of nothing along the way. So, while antiquing, I acquired two sides of what used to be one large vanity. I fixed them up and now they highlight our bed beautifully. They are the perfect height and width for what we needed in this space.

Tip: Can't find what you're looking for? Make it yourself! There are some amazing finds in antique stores, thrift shops, and yard sales that, after some TLC, look fantastic!

Our final large accent that decorates our room is this gorgeous, wicker and banana leaf hamper we acquired at Target. This, yet again, flows with our beachy, romantic, Gulf of Mexico vibe that I've been trying to incorporate throughout our room. The natural materials give it the perfect pop of warmth that this cool toned room needs so that it doesn't begin to get completely washed out. 

Tip: If you do not want a completely washed out room but also are not looking for a thousand contrasting colors, use natural materials to give you pops of life and color, that won't overpower the space.

Well, that's it for Part 2 of Beautify My Bedroom. It was so much fun adding the large accent pieces to this room that really highlight the space and start to bring it to life. Your large accents are not only fun to pick out, but they are pieces that start to make the room feel like a comfortable part of your home again. I truly hope some of these tips and tricks have helped you in your designing ideas.

Stay tuned for next week where the focus will be on decorating! I have a ton of beautiful finds that I have been collecting all summer to dazzle this space up. And don't forget to follow the Beautify My Bedroom series for more tips and tricks brought to you every week throughout the month of August!

Do you have a room you are fixing up at the moment? What are you favorite large accents pieces in your space?

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