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Beautify My Bedroom, Part 3 // The Decor

So it is finally my favorite day with the Beautify My Bedroom series, and that is picking out some favorite decor pieces and organizing their flow to give you the perfect space. Now, I am really a decor fanatic. I could literally spend hours in stores like Home Goods, vintage shops, anywhere that I can find inspiration to beautify a room.

So I am going to share with ya'll some of my favorite decor finds with Part 3 of this series: The Decor

The very first piece that I was super excited about placing in this space is the antique window frame we used for our wedding seating chart. I have been searching to find the perfect home for this little love bug for over a year now and was completely inspired by a Magnolia Homes remodel I saw Joanna Gaines complete this season. (At least I think it was from this season)

Anyway, I saw the antique window placed over a couple's bed with a gorgeous rustic country style wreath over it. I honestly then went to a ton of stores to find this vision in my head of a petite wreath with a few flowers but mostly little reed type things. The problem with having a pre-made picture in your head, is that translating that into an actual product can sometimes be a challenge.

Needless to say, I could not find the wreath that lived in my head. So I made it instead!! (Look at me rhyming!) 

Tip: When the stores just do not have what you are looking for, take a few minutes to learn how to make the product, so that you acquire exactly that you are searching for.

This lovely decor piece was fairly simple to make and only took me about an hour or so. Wanna know how?? Then come back this Friday, where I will be posting all of the deets to this gorgeous piece! 

My next decor piece was this fantastic tray I purchased from The Tattered Dragonfly. I seriously fell in love instantly. It was the perfect size, color, style, everything. And I had to have it. This tray coupled with these vintage books passed down to me from my grandpa and this brand new flower vase from Home Goods, organized the perfect bed accent that I am loving far beyond words right now.

Tip: Coupling together old and new pieces can give you that vintage look with a modern twist.

If you are interested in purchasing vintage classics, then head out to your local antique or consignment shop. These stores are usually a vault of perfect little treasures, just like the antique books seen here.

Next on the list...bed side lamps! As you can see from the photo above and below, I tried very hard to stick with the lighter wood color tone throughout the room. That concept was apart of the romantic feel I was going for in this space and I love how it helped tie the room together. 

The lamps I purchased for our room were the same colors but different shapes to allow a bit of definition in our space. I grabbed these beauties from Target, in their mix and match section. This way I could pick out the base and the lamp shade that I wanted.

Tip: Keeping a few flowing colors, even in your wood tones, will help the room not look super pieced together and give it a more cohesive feel.

Speaking of cohesive feel, one of my flowing colors in this space is gold, and what a beauty this fantastic gold mosaic from Pier1 Imports is. It was honestly the very first decor item I purchased for this space because it was too magnificent to pass up. The beautiful flowers are from Kirklands and were an incredible price for the quality. 

Tip: Sale Shop!! I'm not even sure if this is a real tip or not lol but it's super true. I was able to get the vase and flowers on sale which was a steal for my budget!

And speaking of sales, Home Goods had this lovely basket on sale (under $10) that I've decided to use as our upstairs waste basket. It's simple, matches our hamper, and can be nestled away under our vanity for space. We don't throw away much in our bedroom, so something small and easy to catch tags off of new clothes every now and then is perfect. 

Tip: Don't buy big and bulky if it is not needed. Something small that tucks away will leave you more space and appear less cluttered. 

You don't always have to buy new when redecorating. I've had this photo frame quite literally for years. I popped in a new photo of Josh and I from the day we got engaged and had a perfectly beautiful accent piece in our room.

Now on to keeping time! This fun, vintage style clock from The Tattered Dragonfly made me swoon immediately. Again, the wood tone stayed within the family I was trying to marry together for this space and the neutral style made the area as a whole, less girly and more couple friendly.  

Tip: When searching out wall decor, finding decorative pieces that are not the every day photo or wall art, can add another layer of texture to the space and give a bit more of a dynamic feel.

And my final piece for the week was this fabulous vintage photo frame I purchased in an antique shop in North Carolina. It has literally been sitting on the floor of my room for nearly a year while I fiddle with ideas of what to place in it. But it finally hit me that I'm in love with the frame itself, and don't particularly need something inside of it to showcase its beauty. So it went up on the wall as is.

Tip: (And this follows along with the last tip) Be interesting with your decor choices instead of traditional. This will not only showcase your personal style, but also add a new layer of energy to the space that is delightful to the eye.

As always, it's been a blast shopping for and organizing this space. I can't believe we are already three weeks into this series. My bedroom is almost complete and I am loving how it is coming together. I was literally singing to myself in excitement as each piece was being hung or placed into its nook. However, there are definitely more decor pieces needed to complete the full feel of this room. So stay tuned for next week when we go through Part 4 of this series, More Decor!

As always, don't forget to continue following the Beautify My Bedroom series every week during the month of August. You do not want to miss the big reveal coming at the end of the month!

Where are your favorite places to shop for Home Decor pieces?

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