Friday, August 21, 2015

DIY Wreath and Vintage Window Pane

So if you happened to be wondering around the blog a few days ago, you saw this little wreath and window babe mentioned in my Beautify My Bedroom series. I had so much fun creating it and wanted to share with ya'll exactly how this new love came to be!

As I had mentioned in my last post, I was recently on the hunt for a somewhat thin, twig style, reed like wreath. (Wow, that was a lot of strange adjectives!) But all the same, very much the truth. And to my deep surprise, I found a whole lot of nothing. 

So I went into the absolute best store for some premium silk flowers, Michaels, and purchased two of the longer reed like fall bushes and a smaller cream flower and cotton bouquet. Then I grabbed the Panacea green floral wire and a beautiful cream colored ribbon for hanging. Like I said before, I love shopping at Michaels because the quality of their floral department is outstanding and they almost always have incredible sales. So all in all, the supplies really were not that expensive one bit.  

The next thing you want to make sure you have at home is a good pair of wire cutters. The silk flowers always have a stem made of wire, so cutting them off of the bouquet is the easiest with one of these little guys.

Once you have cut the stem of the piece you are looking to work with, you are going to thread the end of the stem into the sticks. It's important to make sure that when you are cutting, you leave a decent amount at the end for weaving. I would say maybe an inch or so.

Once you have placed your piece in the desired location, you are going to cut off about 2 - 2 1/2 inches of the flower wire. Now I bought the green version of the wire and I thought I was truly going to hate it cause it was not the color of the stick wreath. However, if you strategically place it behind some of the baby flower sections, it is hardly noticeable at all. 

This wire is the very best to use because it is extremely bendy and flexible and will work with you as you create your wreath. So all you have to do is go under maybe two or three sticks on one side, then come up on the other side. You are then going to pinch and twist the wire around the sticks, with the flower stem included in that little bundle. Once you finish doing one twist, you can tuck the extra wire back into the wreath itself to hide it.

Make sure you are enjoying the placement of each stem before you loop them in with the wire. There were multiple times where I would place something but end up shifting it to get the effect I was searching for. 

I was really enjoying the different reeds forming around the wreath, but also loved the look of having the occasional ones twisted to point off of the wreath. It gave it a more dynamic design that was put together but also more natural appearing as well. 

Next I added in the flower arrangement. I also cut the flower stems about an inch from the flower and weaved them into the sticks. For this particular wreath, I chose to group them all up in the bottom right corner, to create the effect of a mini bouquet within the wreath. I also placed one extra flower and a round of cotton in the top left corner to give it a nice contrast. 

The final piece of creating this gorgeous wreath needed is to add the ribbon to the top. I went with this crocheted lace style ribbon and fell in love. The measurement for this is honestly going to depend on the size of window that you are using. You want the wreath to hang somewhere in the middle area, so measure your ribbon accordingly. You can finish off the top of the ribbon with either a knot or bow, whichever your preference may be.

This window is super sentimental to us because we used it as our seating chart at our wedding, so I knew I wanted to use it as decor somewhere within our home. Adding this wreath really gave it new life and we were able to happily hang it over our bed!

I truly hope you enjoyed learning how to create your own ornamental wreath and vintage window pane decor piece. It was so much fun working on it and really only took me about an hour to fully put together and hang. It is a super fun and dynamic way to add character to a space without your traditional photos or paintings and I am loving waking up to it each morning. 

Do you have any fun DIYs that have helped to liven up your space? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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