Friday, August 28, 2015

Monthly Happenings with an Exciting Surprise

Hi Friends! I wanted to take this lovely Friday to tell you all some details about life in our home, how the past month has been treating us, as well as link up with the incredibly fabulous Jenna from Gold and Bloom. So here is what has been going on throughout the month of August!

This month has been crazy busy for sure. Whoever said the summer was relaxing, didn't understand summer in our home. August started out with the exciting return of my hubby after a full month of being apart. It was definitely a bit of a struggle without him and I was beyond thrilled for the day he came home. 

For me, August 1st always means one thing....the start of our cheerleading season! This is my sixth year coaching and I love my girls like crazy. They are all beautifully strong women who will attempt any challenge you place in front of them. They work hard and get better and better with each passing season. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for us all.

August is also the time for my church's summer conference Invade, where we celebrate the power of God every single Sunday night through the entire month. It is a blast to get organized and to participate in. We've had some incredible speakers come to our house all month long and I am jumping out of my seat excited to see the phenomenal Pastor Carl Lentz from Hillsong NYC preach at our last night of the conference this Sunday. (So if you're in the area, come on out!) It's going to be a life changing night!

Aside from all of these fun and exciting activities, I also really love to spend time involved in my local community. This month I was able to organize my church's annual summer backpack drive, where we donated over 65 backpacks into our surrounding neighborhood, to families who couldn't afford them otherwise. I also love taking weekly trips to a local shelter where I can spend some time with the guys using the facility, make them some pancakes, and help out where I'm needed. I personally receive so much from everyone there, that it brightens my week and my spirit. It's a blast.

There were no real trips or travels this month, but we are starting an exciting new journey. So about that surprise I promised ya'll in my last post, well the exiting news is that my husband and I have invited an exchange student into our home for the next whole year. She is a beautiful and wonderful young woman from the country of China and we have been spending the past week just getting to know her and learning so much about her culture. We have already had some incredible conversations and we know this is shaping up to be one amazing year! I will definitely be keeping you all posted about our journey and how becoming parents of a teenager, is developing our lives.

I'm sad to see the summer season come to a close, but I have to say, I am excited for all that fall is promising to bring!

Now let me know how your month as gone! Any ups and downs? The general happenings of life? I would love to hear all about it!

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