Monday, August 10, 2015

Welcome Home Hubby // The Celebration in Coming Home

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My husband has been gone for a month. One whole month ya'll! And I honestly thought I would be able to handle it well, but full disclosure...I didn't. It was a rough four weeks for sure.

I've always seen myself as a very independent person. I mean, I traveled all the way to Africa and back, by myself, no problem. But there is something very different about being in your home, alone, without the normal every day routine you've created with your spouse. The ebb and flow of our daily life was missing for me and it helped me to realize just how much marriage has truly changed who I am.

As we grow and mature into our new seasons of life, namely marriage, how we react to situations changes, and rightfully so. This is not the first trip my husband has ever taken without me, but it's been one of the longest since we've been officially married. And my reaction to this trip was supremely different. I was definitely lonely without him and like I said, it was a hard few weeks.

This trip also taught me alot, and it proved to me how truly grateful I am for the incredible man of God that was created solely for me. It has taught me to never take for granted the people around me and has yet again, helped me to fall even deeper in love with my hubs. He's pretty incredible!

So I wanted to be able to do something fun and sweet to celebrate his return (cause that's what you do when you love someone, you celebrate the incredible person they are). So I took a trip down to our local 24 hour Walmart. Always a late night road trip favorite of ours around here, mainly for its intensely expansive collection of products, along with its convenient 24 hour accessibility. Insomniatic perfection!

I wandered into this pristine palace of shopping goodies and immediately found this fantastic display shining and glimmering right back at me near the registers, as if placed by heaven itself!!

Now for those of you who don't know me, let me let you in on a little secret....REESE'S Cups are the very best candy ever invented in my mind! I'm not even joking. The family knows that in the past, during annual pinata times, I have straight pushed a kid out the way for some REESE's Cups (or stolen them straight out of my younger cousins stocking). They are just that good! And don't judge mama taught me how to do it!

So when I closed in on this dazzling display, I noticed the insanely adorable writing on all of the packaging. You know all the Coke bottles we love to buy because they have our names on them, or cute sayings? Well this was exactly like that and you can get them exclusively at Walmart. 

And look at the display was literally calling out to me to buy it for my husband (his name is Josh in case ya'll were wondering).

So I snatched up a REESE'S Cups package (or 4) and headed into the Coke display area near the registers to see if I could find his name. As fate may have it, these two lovely bottles were hugging each other so tightly and I just knew it was meant to be. Apparently this year they have over a thousand names so it's alot easier to find your own and Walmart has the widest and most organized selection of Coca-Cola personalized 20 oz bottles! So I grabbed the larger name bottle and picked up some cans that had cute little sayings on them as well and headed home to make up a sweet little basket.

This is me and my hubs giving each other some much needed love after a veeery long few weeks away. Nothing is better than a perfect squeeze from my adorable husband. I missed him more than ya'll even realize. It was thrilling to have him home and share the whole weekend together!

So I made him a little celebration gift basket (baskets are sort of my think when it comes to gifts), filled with fun Coke bottles and cans with his name and all the sweet sayings that are written on the #shareacoke bottles, that fully describe how wonderful he is to me. Top that off with the adorable new REESE'S Cups and this basket was literally pouring with compliments.

And after these past few weeks, they expressed to him exactly what I learned and felt about how great  of a husband he is to me. So great in fact, that he shared his REESE'S Cups with me!! I mean, two in a package...two of us. He's pretty selfless like that (cause I'm not so sure I would have shared...but that's a different story). I honestly could not be happier that my best friend is finally back home with me, sharing life and making me smile!!

Oh! And our pupper got in on the fun too!! (No, we did not feed her chocolate! Just made her pose all cute cause, you know, she's kind of our favorite too!)

In what ways do you celebrate the people you love?? Who would you love to Share a Coke  with? Grab them some sweet sayings from the #shareyoursummer campaign and watch their faces light up! 

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