Friday, August 7, 2015

What I LOVE About Summer!

Summer is by far my very most favorite season. I honestly wait excitedly all year long for summer to brighten my doorstep. The sunshine, the warmth of the air, the long days...all lead me into a state of euphoria. There are probably a thousand reasons that I could ramble on and on about, that explain my deep love for the summer season. Here are just a few of my coveted favorites!

The soft breeze through the trees as the sun slowly fades into the ground.

Chasing fireflies with the embodiment and spirit of a child.

Sipping iced coffee, sweet tea, or fruity flavored water on our front porch as I watch the world simply explore around me.

The sweet feel of Vitamin D as it soaks into my pores.

The ability to design crafts and furniture products while outside in the warmth of the sun.

The scent of fresh flowers blossoming in my garden.

Hearing the laughter of the local kids as they run through the neighborhood. 

The sound of the seagulls as they float by the shoreline.

Long drives down tree lined highways with wildflowers swaying in the wind while in my convertible. 

Watching my gorgeous husband grill delicious family meals.

Tiny road trips to the local ice cream stand!

Long walks through the historical and antique neighborhood that we feel privileged to live in.

Fresh cut flowers on our dining room table.

Dipping my toes into the cool sand down the shore while the waves crash up and back against my legs.

Wandering throughout the local farmer's market.

The sun maintaining its location high in the sky til late hours of the evening.

What wonderful things do you love about summer??
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