Friday, September 11, 2015

7 Easy Tips for Taking Breathtaking Fall Photos + An Announcement

Hi Friends! I can't believe the first school week has already come and gone. Craziness! Yes it is official, fall is finally on it's way. I wrote up another piece for Willow House Magazine this week that I'm super excited to share with ya'll about tips for taking breathtaking photos. This piece features the incredible talents of Timothy Mullin Media, who I also raved about here, so definitely go check them out, as well as the magazine, when you get a chance. And now on to the post preview!!

The seasons, they are a changin’, and as we head into autumn, so many photographic opportunities present themselves as the world glistens with vibrant new colors. The sun dances across the bright hues of orange, yellow, and red, looking as if the sky is a full on canvas itself. And if you are anything like me, this can only mean one thing…it’s time to whip out that camera.
If you are an aspiring photographer or are just simply handy with your smartphone, learning some fun tricks can make a world of difference when it comes to your fall photos and give you the chance to create some beautiful artwork for the home and office or simply improve your Instagram and Facebook photos. Angles, lighting, time of day, and so much more can all be incorporated in creating a dazzling Fall scrapbook of memories that simply takes your breath away. So what are these great tricks, you ask? Let’s dive into some easy to create photographic magic that will help you to produce those breathtaking fall photos that will be the envy of every Pinterest account.

To Read all of the Tips Head on Over to Willow House Magazine 

And now moving on to some personal thoughts that I wanted to share with ya'll. Next month will conclude my first official year blogging. I can not believe it's been almost an entire year already, that's just nuts. In this past year, I've learned so much about the blogging community and myself. When I first started, I really just wanted to write. Write about life, the different seasons of life that I was going through, and other fun interests that I may come across. I never really had any particular niche per se, but enjoyed creating a hodge podge of content for everyone. 
Now that I've had this time to grow and learn, I've realized that there are specific items I truly love to write about and really want to begin rebranding my blog to reflect those areas of content. So with that being said, one of the main things I will be changing about my blog is the name. I have been playing around with words that reflect me, my outlook on life, and the direction I am guiding this blog's new journey in. I'm super excited to announce what it will be later on in the month as well as a full description of what the content will begin focusing on.
I love having all of you on this journey with me and really do consider you apart of the family! Let's travel into this new season together as we watch bigger and better experiences blossom. Love you all!
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